// DIY Pumpkin Koozie Party Favors

Happy September! It's so wild to me that 2017 will be here in no time at all. I know you're all thinking I'm out of my mind posting a Halloween DIY on the first day of September (!!!) but you know how we roll around here! November 1st there will be a Christmas tree both in my living room and on my blog, so yeah... Fun things coming up! Anyway, back to these adorable little things! The September Michaels Makers challenge was "Pumpkins" - That's it. Pumpkins. Of course Michaels has a huge selection of faux/craft pumpkins, but I really wanted to do something for Toby's class party (even though it's like 7 weeks away haha!) Toby loves koozies. He thinks they're just the neatest thing and he has a pretty hefty collection (Why? I'm not sure ha). He asked to get one while we were at Michaels - before this project even came into my head - and I thought it'd be so cute if Toby could help! I let Toby embroider the outline of the shapes, and he did such a great job. I love how perfeclty imperfect they are. Toby also had the idea to write each person's name on the back, but for some reason I didn't photograph that. 

I filled up little treat bags with candy corn, and decorated kraft bags to make it feel like a "gift" of sorts. I kind of love jack o'lantern faces on everything, so the baggies got some love, too. Side note: If you're one of those people who hate candy corn and thinks it's gross, you're wrong. But also, go ahead and send it all to me. Thanks! haha! While koozies are typically meant to keep beverages cold, these can be used in so many other ways. I can totally see them being adorable pencil holders!

If you're feeling crafty with your kiddo, give these a whirl! Otherwise you can always check out the massive variety of craft pumpkins at Michaels. It's time to get those Autumn crafts going! Check out the other Makers' posts on the Michaels blog for some fab ideas!

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