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The seasons are getting ready to change, and you can totally feel the anticipation in the air. So many of my friends and loved ones are also in periods of transition. Going off to college/grad school, relocating for better job opportunities, or even shuffling around to various military bases. Before this house, the longest I had lived anywhere (since moving out on my own at 18) was 13 months. It seemed like I was constantly packing up and moving. It was exhausting, it was pretty damaging to a lot of my stuff (Carrying a 400 pound bookcase up 3 flights of stairs is so fun! and safe! ha), and it was so hard to make everything work in each new space. The cheap particle board furniture would fall apart if you even looked at it funny! But I was in college and well, that's my only excuse for having terrible furniture. I'm not alone, right?

An opportunity with CORT Furniture Rental came through my inbox and at first I didn't think it made much sense, but after diving into the website and their Instagram, I was totally into it. I know we won't be in this home forever, and if the right opportunity presented itself, I'd consider moving before we were quite ready. Seize the day! But the thought of moving all of my furniture is the wooooorst. The more I read about CORT the more I realized how many people this kind of service could appeal to.

My friend Rachel came to mind immediately. She's gearing up to move across the country to Seattle for 6-10 months while she works on a book she's writing. Loading up all of her belongings in a U-Haul just to turn around and drive back a few months later seems absurd. She didn't have any luck finding a fully furnished place (and let's be real: rarely do a tenant and landlord have the same aesthetic taste), so she signed a lease on a completely empty 1 bedroom apartment. She brought up her concern about only having a Craigslist futon for furniture. Buying cheap department store furniture seems wasteful and so much work! I told her about CORT since it was fresh on my mind and she has already started to look into it since they have a couple of locations in/around Seattle! Kismet! I'm tickled that I might get to see some real-life CORT pieces in action!

With CORT you can rent individual furniture pieces, full rooms, and even full homes! You can rent pieces for residential use, offices, events, and more. You can even have CORT stage your home for you if you're hoping to sell but would rather not use your own pieces. They aren't just a furniture rental place though. They also rent home decor, bedding, and kitchen appliances! I love that with a few clicks you can have an entire home delivered to you! And whenever you're ready to move or get rid of the pieces, CORT swoops in and takes them off your hands. 

Y'all, this may not be something I can use at this moment in my life, but this. is. awesome! I love how easy and simple and convenient it seems. I think it's such a neat service and that's why I agreed to write about it. Be warned: Once you start down the rabbit hole of the CORT website, it's really really hard to stop. Especially when you go look at individual pieces in each of the living spaces. There are SO MANY THINGS to choose from.

I was actually quite surprised at how many bright and bold pieces CORT had available. I've been lurking their Instagram for a bit, and that's where I snagged these fun photos. I'm feeling so inspired to refresh our home! If you're relocating, starting over, or just in need of some new "pep" in your home, check out CORT. They have showrooms all over the country, so snazzy new furniture is just a few clicks away!

What do you think about CORT? Would you ever rent furniture if you had a temporary relocation?

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  1. This would be totally awesome if I was always on the move! Although, my cat would probably destroy everything! It would be so helpful for your friend though! I never knew about CORT before, but it's such a neat idea!

    1. I wondered about pets/kids too, though looking through their site/IG gave me more of a college-kid/grad school vibe in a way. Definitely some more mature pieces for a beautifully staged home, but I'd love to hear from someone with pets/kids who has used this service. :)

  2. This place has turned into one huge advertisement board... :/

    1. I understand this concern, but at the end of the day these sponsored posts help support my family, so I will continue to accept projects I feel that I can write about. I can appreciate if this space is no longer for you, and if that's so then I wish you the very best and appreciate your readership, no matter how long. :)

  3. I have a badly stained couch that I want to reupholster (I told my husband that white microfiber was a bad idea haha), but that project is at least 6 months away. This might be a good option for a couch in the meantime! Thanks for the post :)


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