BUST - days 1 & 2

obviously my sincere attempt at updating every day has unfortunately been foiled by the exhaustion and physical exertion on my body thanks to my lovely internship. though i will not complain, i have loved every single scary-as-balls, stressful, busy busy busy, panic-inducing moment of it thusfar. BUST is an amazing publication and the women of the office are incredible. walking around barefoot, burping in the middle of the day, candy sprawled out on the intern table and all that jazz. its amazing. my first day went great. did a lot of pick ups. had to face my slight fear of the city at large and just go for it. i took the subway all over, went to some amazing PR companies and showrooms, was in possession of the most incredible clothing, and i resized 54 ads for the Bust Store [twice! so 108!] and yadda yadda yadda. i was so beat by 6pm i went straight to chipotle on my way home and got a veggie burrito, put on my pjs an didnt leave bed except for to take a hot bath. serious. my roommate did the same thing. we were exhausted. ugh. today was the same thing. lots more pickups, perusing magazines from the 40's-70's looking fr a specific type of photo to no avail, lots of soreness, etc. ill be working 3 days a week so im going ot work tomorrow too, and have friday off. that way i can get in a little shopping [found so many cute thrift stores on my pick ups!] and then hopefully see Mae play at The Gramercy Theater that night.

tonight i talked to alex for a little over an hour on the phone. hes comig ot visit in 2 weeks! very excited about that. our adventures will be grand. then i talked to jamie on the phone for a little over an hour and a half. had half of a veggie burrito for dinner and here i am. laying in bed, sleeping soon. i think once this weekend rolls around ill have time to get more photos. i think i might venture up to times square for hte street market on sunday, so that'll provide many a' photo :)

i'm so in love with this city. i feel like i fit in. its wondeful. it honestly feels like a second home. but i sure do miss my momma :P i can't wait to be here full-time! nashville, you've got competition!

oh oh oh oh oh I ALMOST RAN SMACK INTO ASHLEY OLSEN TODAY! yeah. freaking awesome. she was incognito with her black hoodie and sweat pants. loved it. amazing.

and i found a place with THE BEST COFFEE EVER! and even better... a 16oz coffee is only NINETY CENTS! ugh i love life and i love new york!


  1. i visited new york myself, and being from south eastern kentucky, it was a huge culture shock. i loved every minute of it though. there is something there for everyone.
    i never ran into to anyone as glitzy as ashley olsen, only adam sandler. i guess you have to start somewhere though!
    i love BUST magazine, and the website.
    what an incredible opportunity!

  2. oh adam sandler is fun too though! :D

  3. Adam Sandler is too funny. I love him :)


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