// Finding Time For Yourself In A Busy Schedule

Life can be a constant rush of things that need doing, from the moment that we wake up to the moment that we fall asleep you may find that you are rushed off your feet. Finding breathing space in a world that is moving at a thousand miles a minute can be tough. As women, there is are so many pressures that we face on a daily basis, it can be hard to manage family life, careers, our interests, while also living up to the need to look amazing while we do it. 

Taking control of your life will provide you the opportunity to create a better sense of balance. You may be able to unlock some time that you can spend on yourself, and as such find that you will be able to enjoy life a bit more. Here are a few ways that you can free up time in your life, whilst looking after yourself and keeping on top of everything that you need to. 

// Plan Your Days
Using a daily planner or an app on your smartphone, you should create a plan for your days. This will mean that you will be able to find the time to fit in everything that you need to do. Quite often, when things are not written down on a list, then they will get forgotten about. 

Allocate yourself half an hour once a week to go through your daily schedules and work things through. Give yourself a slot each morning in which to enjoy a healthy breakfast that will fill you full of energy to face your busy day. Five minutes of yoga, exercise, or meditation can be all that you need to spark your brain into a heightened sense of focus and tune yourself in to face everything that you have on your plate for the day. 

Look for ways that you can do more than one thing off your to-do list at once. If you can save time by cooking and cleaning at the same time, you should plan for this. If you are able to deal with life admin tasks from your phone on your commute, this will be helpful. 

Be sure and plan in some time to yourself each day. Even half an hour to catch up on a show that you love will give you the opportunity to unwind and push out any thoughts that may be stressing you out. 

If you live with anyone else, try and create a schedule of housework that you can all stick to. Sharing the load between you can make life much easier for you, especially if you continually find that you are always having to deal with it yourself. 

// Use Five Minute Makeovers
Contour makeup is the latest trend in beauty. This technique can take years off your appearance and leave you looking a million dollars. It can make any face shape appear slimmer, lifting your cheekbones, giving definition to your jawline and also creating a slimmer looking nose. 

Contouring need not take too long to do. You will need two different shades of contour stick, one dark, and one light. Using the darker stick, you will create a dark shade from the sides of your hairline. Then, moving to your cheeks, you will use the lighter tone to create a brightening lift. Your nose will use a line of each shade in order to give in a sense of shade and light, and then you will move down to your chin and jawline where you will create a sense of definition.

Getting used to creating a great look in minutes will reduce the amount of time that you spend each day on getting ready. If you can do this and not feel rushed, then you will be onto a winner. Getting your makeup time down to less than five minutes will be the ideal way to open up your day to wider opportunities. 

// Fit In Some You Time
In a busy life, taking an entire day to yourself may seem like a luxury, but sometimes it will be a bit of a necessity. Once in a while, you will need to make sure that you have a clear schedule. You can use this time to do whatever will help you relax. If that is a day on the sofa binging Netflix while eating all of the snacks that you can find, so be it. 

It may be good to plan a day out somewhere and take in some new sights and enjoy some time with friends. This can be as positive for your emotional wellbeing as having a day of doing absolutely nothing. 

// Be Kind To Yourself About Having You Time
How ever you choose to spend the day that you keep space, make sure that you allow yourself the opportunity to not feel guilty for taking time away from your normal commitments. So often we put ourselves last because we feel as though we are wasting time by doing nothing at all. Sometimes we need to say to ourselves that our own happiness and wellbeing is more important than fulfilling obligations. It is important that we are often firm about the need to look after ourselves. While we may feel as though it is counterproductive in our lives to put everything onto the back burner for a day or two, if we neglect our own health and wellbeing too much we will end up becoming ill.

Putting too much pressure on yourself will ultimately lead you to feel stressed too. Learning to forgive yourself for loosening up on the pressure will make things that bit less stressful for you, meaning that overall you have a much happier, balanced and productive life on the whole. 

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// Why You’ll Want To Hit Up Vegas Before You Die

Las Vegas is seen as probably the most electric place on the planet – if it’s not THE most, then it’s certainly in the top two or three. When you have lots of money saved, and you think about hitting a holiday destination, Vegas is always in your thoughts, right? It’s quite the cliché of a destination, but it’s a cliché because it’s such a good idea. How many people head to Vegas and leave disappointed? Not many. 

There’s so much fuss surrounding the place, as you know already. Why, though? Why specifically do people want to go there? It’s obviously very famous, but what does it actually have other than the stereotypical stuff? Well, it’s jam-packed full of stuff to do. If you were to head there or a week or two, you’d have a lot on your plate! Here are a few reasons as you why you should probably visit Las Vegas, Nevada before you pop your clogs: 

There Are So Many Legendary Parts 
Las Vegas has all kinds of places that you should probably visit at least once in your life. When you think of Vegas, one of the first things that comes to mind is probably Caesar’s Place and all of its luxurious bits and pieces. There’s also the MGM Grand and T-Mobile Arenas that hold events such as boxing and mixed martial arts, respectively. The nightlife isn’t too bad. If you’re a partier, then you’ll be interested in the clubs Vegas has to offer. You can learn more about free entry to certain places here if you’re interested in gaining priority access some nights. Even the walkways and views are astonishing and breathtaking. Just being amongst all of that stuff would knock your socks off.

There’s Nothing Wrong With A Flutter!
Sure, too much gambling is obviously a problem because the bookkeepers tend to win nine times out of ten. There’s nothing wrong with a little bet every now and again, though! People enjoy the rush of potentially getting loads of money from a simple action. Las Vegas is obviously notorious for gambling! People choose to fly all the way over just to see if they can hit the jackpot. If they don’t, then they still have a great time anyway.

The Weather’s Not Bad!
Nevada is pretty much a desert – and those things are quite hot, wouldn’t you say? If you’re from a pretty lovely climate, then this kind of thing probably won’t attract you. Not everyone has the luxury of warm weather, though. In the summer, you’ll be nice and toasty, that’s for sure.

The Services And Amenities Are Amazing
Vegas has the grandest hotels you could imagine. With so many high-profile individuals entering this city, there needs to be some high-quality service. As we’ve said before, Vegas is caked in luxury, so if you find yourself in one of the big-name hotels, then you’re in for a treat. You’re treated like royalty, and there are so many things you can do – you’ll never run out of ideas.

You Can Say ‘I Was There’ 
As we said before, Las Vegas is one of the most famous places on the planet. Just being in this busy and crazy place will make you feel as though you’ve accomplished something. Exploring different parts of the world is awesome, and this is certainly a place you need to throw onto your bucket list – if you indeed write one out. 

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// Top Things To See And Do In New York

It's not a secret that you could spend a lifetime in New York City and still not manage to see everything, but there are some things that no one should miss.

Photo by Nout Gons from Pexels

Have a look below at some of the places you should be adding to your list:

Top Of The Rock
Sitting at the top of the Rockefeller Centre, the famous sightseeing hotspot has three observation decks where you can see breathtaking views of the city. Definitely something you don't want to miss. It's open right up until midnight so what better reason to live like a movie star and watch the sun go down over the city skyline. 

Empire State Building 
Again another famous sightseeing destination for many who visit New York, it's an art deco masterpiece that is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. The observation deck is open right from sunrise until 2 am, and on some of the days, you even have a live saxophone player to enjoy. 

The Theatre
You can't go to one of the most famous destinations for broadway without stepping foot into a theatre or two. Why not treat yourself to tickets to a show such as….. Dress up, buy your book of mormon tickets and enjoy a night on the town. 

Statue Of Liberty
It goes without saying that the Statue Of Liberty makes it on to many visitors lists. It's a world icon that is known worldwide. An inspiring symbol of New York City's immigrant history, its no wonder so many people taken the trip to Ellis Island to visit her and the Immigration Museum.

American Museum Of Natural History
It doesn't matter if your an avid museum visitor or just want to see something that will blow your mind, the Natural History Museum has something to amaze most. From dinosaur bones through to space exploration this place has it all. 

The Museum Of Modern Art (MoMA)
Hosting pieces of art from the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol and many more. This museum is a must-visit. It holds some of the best known and most influential pieces of art in the world of modern art. 

Big Bus Tours 
There certainly is a lot to see in New York and often people only visit for a few days at a tome, this means that it can be hard to see everything. A great way to up your chances and see as much as possible to use something like the Big Bus Tours. They cover a lot of ground and take you to places like Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge. Not only that it’s also a great way to get around.

9/11 Tribute Center And Walking Tour 
New York is complete without visiting here and although a more solemn occasion than most activities for visitors, the 9/11 Tribute Center and Walking Tour are a way to reflect on the events of September 11, 2001. For many, this experience is a powerful, memorable method of paying their respects. 

These are just a few of the top sightseeing points of New York that should be on your list. Do you have any other just see spots that you can share in the comments section? 

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// Under Pressure: Reaching Milestones in Adulthood

There’s so much pressure to do things a certain way once you reach adulthood- as if your life has been pre mapped out for you without your say. There are all these timelines and milestones we’re expected to reach by certain ages, and these can add unnecessary stress to our lives. Just about all of us will feel like we’re ‘behind’ in some way or another, but that’s because these timelines don’t really exist. If you look at your peers also in their twenties and thirties you’ll notice that everyone is at a completely different point, where they’ve all prioritised different things. It doesn't mean any of you are right or wrong, it’s all about what’s right for you! At the end of the day we’re all only human with a set amount of hours in the day, you can only do so much meaning that you won’t always follow every typical milestone expected of you by a certain age. And that’s completely ok! It’s your life so live it as you wish, you could achieve all of these things or none of them and still live a happy life. Here are some examples of the expectations people tend to have in adulthood.

Overseas travel
There’s no denying that overseas travel is great- it educates you, opens up your eyes to different cultures and ways of life, it allows you to have incredible experiences. But not everyone can afford to take a gap year or go travelling overseas before starting university. In fact, many people only really have the luxury of travelling later on in life. If getting abroad and seeing more of the world is on your list, just do what you can with your time and budget. If getting away for six months, a month or a week isn’t possible- go for a few days instead. If you can’t travel abroad, do more in the country you live in. Anything from camping to boating to road trips can still give you wonderful experiences and memories. 

Higher education
The standard route into higher education tends to be leaving school, attending sixth form or college and then going to university shortly after. But again, it doesn’t work out this way for everyone. Maybe you hated school and couldn’t wait to leave, maybe you had a baby young or were caring for an unwell family member at the time. If years have passed and you’ve decided now is the right time to get the qualifications you want, there are lots of online colleges and universities you can sign up to these days that allow you to study from home. Since they can be done on a part time and flexible basis, you don’t need to give up your job to learn. 

Getting a good job
Speaking of getting a good job, this is another thing that’s expected in adulthood. It’s a little trickier these days, unlike in our parents and grandparents generations, a job is rarely ‘for life’ now. Things change so quickly that businesses come and go and a much quicker pace, the tasks that many businesses require their workers to do change and evolve along with technology. If you’ve still not found a job that you feel settled in, don’t panic. Consider doing some education or voluntary work if you can to make you more employable. You could even look into setting up your own business and working for yourself. 

Buying a house
Getting onto the property ladder by purchasing a house for sale is always going to be a good thing. It gives you security, stops you from wasting money on rent and is a great thing to achieve. But again it’s simply not something that everyone can do, especially in early adulthood. Renting can be a great option if you’re not sure where you want to live and want to try out some different neighbourhoods, cities or even countries. If you do want to buy a house, start a savings fund and even if you only save a small amount, it will add up over the years and you’ll reach your goal eventually. 

Getting married 
Getting married really isn't something you can rush. Most of us have to ‘kiss a few frogs’ so to speak before we find the person we want to settle down with. Maybe you’re happier being single or never getting married, and that’s ok too! The trick is to find someone with the same outlook as you, so you’re on the same page. 

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// The Art of Embracing Life and Saying Yes

In a lot of articles and self-help posts, you are likely to find that many posts talk about saying no more. The main points with these kinds of posts talk about in life we say yes to a lot of things that in reality, we don’t actually want to do it anyway. Saying yes can mean more pressure and responsibility, as your calendar will be filled up more than if you said no. The articles also cover points that if we say yes because we want to people-please, then it won’t be for the right reasons. So as a result, according to this mindset, people believe that we can start to lose sight of our own goals and priorities.

Of course, there can be some truth to this, because we do need to set some boundaries and make sure that we aren’t just doing things to please others. It is important to set up some priorities in our life, and being able to handle our own time. Life is short, so you don’t want to spend it doing things that you have no interest in or can’t help. Saying no for some people isn’t a problem, and if that sounds like you, then it might be that you need to say yes to some more things. Saying yes for some people, can be more of a challenge. 

Saying no means no failure. Is that worth it?

If you have an introverted attitude towards things, or have a fear that runs deep, when it comes to failure, then it can mean that saying no is a safe and happy thing to do. You don’t have to push yourself if you’re not doing anything. And if you’re not doing anything, then you won’t have anything to fail at. Saying yes can be something that can feel a little daunting, but it can also help to encourage some commitment, confidence, and self-belief. It is all going to be worth it, especially if things make you anxious or fearful? 

The answer for so many of us is going to be yes, it is worth it. So many fun, interesting, and exciting things can happen when you are out of your comfort zone. You could be offered the chance to move to a new city with your job, for example. Moving can be stressful, of course, but you can get help from companies like MyBekins, and you can also think of the life lessons and growth that you could experience as a result. You can learn new things and push yourself when something like that comes along in your life. Just imagine learning a whole new language or customs from another culture. What about learning how to live a fast paced lifestyle if you've always been accustomed to the slow and steady? Even more challenging, in my opinion, would be to learn to slow down and savor all that a new city has to offer. Another example of this is meeting new people. Can you meet the one for you if you’re just sitting at home? In reality, that is unlikely; you need to make an effort. You could be introduced to a wide array of people, with so many fascinating stories to share. New people help us see the world through different lenses, and they open our minds to all the possibilities out there. Saying yes to meeting new people is a great way to network and grow your community, too. So don’t think about the fear and what could go wrong, but think about all that you will gain as a result. 

Find some new ways to say yes in your life, for the things that are going to really benefit you. Saying no has its place, but so does saying yes.

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