// 3 Myths You Probably Believe About Apple

Apple is one of the largest companies on earth. They are so large in fact that there is barely a person who doesn’t own or hasn’t owned one of their products. Being the size they are, Apple has been subject to many myths and fallacies over the years.

Today we are going to attempt to separate fact from fiction and squash those pesky little myths, once and for all.

The Apple Logo

One of the most prominent and most twisted tales when it comes to apple is the story of its logo. Many people will claim to know why the Apple logo is what it is, the truth, however, despite what teachers have told the students has nothing to do with Turing.

The myth that circulated for many years, and still today is that the apple is inspired by the bite that Alan Turing took from the apple. The amusing thing is that Rob Janoff, the graphic designer who created the apple logo that we know, didn’t know a fat lot about Alan Turing.

Another myth that followed the apple logo was that the bite from the apple was meant to represent a metaphorical ‘byte.’ The reason for the bite is far more amusing. Janoff decided to include the bite as a way of stopping people believing the image was that of a cherry tomato.

Apple Computers Are Difficult To Use

This has been something that has been circulating incorrectly for years now. There seems to be a convoluted myth that apples are far more difficult to operate than a pc.

The truth behind this matter is quite simple; it’s a matter of what you are used to. Most schools across the world had a tendency to adopt a windows based system when it came to educating the world in the way of computing.

With the lack of initial users in comparison to windows, it just became a ridiculous notion that spanned across the ages. The truth is, it is just as easy to access activity monitor on Mac as it is with Windows.

One of the most controversial things that could be said is that a Mac may be slightly more user-friendly that a Windows PC nowadays.

Macs Work Better With Apple Accessories

If you have ever visited the apple store and spoke to one of their “Geniuses”, you may be fooled into thinking that when it comes to your mac, you better have apple products for optimum performance. 

This is one of the biggest myths that surrounds Apple, and it is generally pedalled by Apple itself. Apple has a fantastic ability to try to make the use of third party products as difficult as possible. 

Unfortunately for Apple, the Chinese market is always quick to follow up any apple release with a cheaper solution, and in all honesty, as the Apple graveyard in China does put out some quality alternatives. 

// Improving Your Ethical Wardrobe

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There is a problem that is facing the clothing industry. Fast fashion has long been convenient, filling our wardrobes with cheap and cheerful items. But the cost of these items is far greater than the small number that we see on the price tag. These garments have a big impact on the world, from environmental concerns through to the ethical concerns of the way that they are produced, the fact of the matter is that these throwaway items are costing us the earth. 

There is also the way that they have affected our outlook on clothing as a whole to think about. Where quality was often the benchmark of a good item of clothing in years gone by, these days we vote with our purses and demand disposable items that we may wear just once before casting aside. If you did choose to wear these cheaper clothing items through to the end of their lifespan, you may well find that they don’t even last that long. If you are buying this type of clothing for practical reasons, it suddenly becomes a false economy as you will probably replace it multiple times in comparison to the lifespan of a well-made item. 

Changing Into Something More Environmentally Friendly

One of the major problems with fast fashion is the effect that it has on the environment. The textile industry is a huge polluter. It causes problems when it comes to growing and producing the materials used to make the items, through to pollution in the actual production. Once the items have been made, they need to be shipped. Very often these products find their way from China and when you go to your local high street you will see stores and stores crammed full of items that have had to be transported the length of the world to be worn once or twice before finally ending up in a landfill. 

As shoppers, there are things that we can all do to help reduce the carbon footprint. Learn about the way that clothes are made, and look for environmentally friendly clothing suppliers. There are a number of clothing manufacturers out there that are attempting to make a positive change. One example of how companies are fighting to alter the way that their industry is affecting the environment is to change the materials that they are using. For example, Ralph Lauren has created a version of their classic polo shirt that is made entirely out of recycled plastic. You can see more about Polo Ralph Lauren in SVD.

Buying second-hand items are one way that you can help to reduce your own clothing carbon footprint. While an item may not be new, it is new to you and may provide you with a similar sense of joy than one bought in a fast-fashion outlet. 

If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could always bring new life into worn or tired fast-fashion items. Turning them into something completely new and useful will mean that their lifespan has increased and they won’t be destined for the dump. 

Check Out The Ethics Of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is big business. Shops make big money out of the stack-it-high, sell-it-low mentality. The quantities of the items that they buy mean that they are paying almost nothing per unit. Consider that a garment that costs you barely anything will have tax added, so the government get a fair-sized chunk of the sale. Then, the store they are sold in as staff costs, store running costs. The item will have been shipped and there may have been import or export duties at differing stages of the journey. After all of this is accounted for you will be left with the actual cost price that goes back to the original manufacturer which will be barely anything per item. Take out factory costs, raw materials, and by the time you pay the staff that made it you can imagine that they will earn barely anything. 

Factories overseas won’t have the same labour standards as at home. They can work their staff for longer hours in harsher conditions and for much less pay. This is the major reason that fast fashion outlets choose to buy their clothing overseas. 

Try and read into the companies that you like to buy from and make buying choices that don’t fund sweatshops and poor environmental practices. There are things that we can all do as consumers to make the world a better place, and our wardrobes are as good a place to start as anywhere else. 

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// Traveling The World: How Will You Do It?

If you are a travel enthusiast, you have probably come across a variety of holidaymakers. Some enjoy a historical visit through a new city, as a way to embrace a new culture and make a new one their own. Others prefer a peaceful sunbathing holiday instead. However, how about picking your holiday destination based on your favorite mean of transport? Sounds odd? Don’t let this disturb you. If you want a cultural holiday, you need to consider spending a lot of time on the road, from a place to another. So why not make your holiday a transport-centered experience that takes you to the very heart of a new culture?

Mediterranean holidays: get that scooter ready
If you want to discover the sweet charm of the Mediterranean region, from the Provence to the south of Italy, then you need to look for a scooter or a small bike to make the most of your time. Can there be anything more iconic than riding through the tiny streets of a seaside village? If you have got a car driving license, you will be pleased to know that you can still hire a small bike or a scooter because these don’t require any additional license. However, you might need a few tips before you take your darling for a ride – make sure that you do your research about everything you need to prepare before the ride, and what you need to pay attention to as you ride. Picture yourself riding an old scooter from the 1950s or 1960s, with a basket attached at the back for your picnic. How idyllic does that sound for a discovery of the Med?

Metropolitan holidays: tube and cabs 
If you are one for quick and easy transportation and you do not like to wait, you might prefer to stick to Metropole cities. From London to New York, there are plenty of exciting cultural spots to discover: museums, prestigious restaurants – the View, the spinning restaurant at the top Marriott in NYC is a great address – and historic buildings. The best way to navigate from one spot to the other is the ally of all urbanites: public transport and cabs. It is a safe way to be part of the everyday life of the locals. However, if you fancy something a bit different, think about getting a charter bus service to get around from place to place. 

Nordic holidays: give your legs some action
If you have a soft spot for Nordic landscapes and the beauty of flat lands, you will love the idea of a cycling holiday. Is there any better way to discover Sweden or Norway during the warm months than to on a bicycle, pedaling slowly along the canal or the sea front? Get your legs into action and love the fresh smell and the green landscapes.

Take a canal tour through Europe
How about taking some time off work to discover the old water ways across Europe? You can hire a barge for a few weeks or book a room on a bigger boat to enjoy the slow pace of life. Reconnect with the elements: water under your feet and fresh air in your hair. Canal holidays are a big hit in England, France, and the Netherlands.

Road trip through the US
Hit the iconic Route 66 in an open-top car and experience what America really has to offer. This historic route will take you on an unforgettable self-drive journey filled with captivating Americana and the history of the old west. You will visit Chicago and St Louis, experience the highlights of Las Vegas and Los Angeles and discover the captivating beauty of the Grand Canyon and the vast lands of the Texas Panhandle.

Cruise the world
The ultimate luxury in traveling holidays is a cruise. The good thing about a cruise is that someone else does the hard work for you, while you lie back and enjoy cocktails on the deck. Cruise around the med or the Carribean, soaking in the crystal blue waters and make the most of every opportunity to hop on to dry land and explore your stopover points. 

So what will be your take on the traveling world? Are you one for a trendy ride, stretching your legs or do you prefer the peacefulness of the water?