// Things I Love Thursday v.295

this bedroom is AMAZING ♥
this kitchen! ♥
these painted shark rocks! ♥

these donuts are so pretty! ♥
this stunning bouquet ♥

♥ these tulips! i want them all! ♥

this charming watercolor illo ♥

this BHLDN dress is straight from my dreams ♥

♥ everything adidas by stella mccartney

this bouquet, too! (i love flowers!) ♥

this is my favorite color for fall ♥

// This woman finished a 10K, but stopped by every taco shop on the route. (Tacos *and* margaritas!) I would run with her.

// So um... hair nails (?!) are a thing now. Why? No clue. Do you!

// I cancelled my Ipsy subscription back in April 2013 (!!! What is time even?!) but I just signed back up during their 48-hours no-waitlist dealio. $10 a month ain't bad so I'm giving it another go. Here's a referral link if you want to sign up too :) - They have loads of giveaways happening right now, too.

// Shopbop just got a MAKEOVER! I'm loving how modern it all feels now. (Don't forget, from now until December 31st you can save 15% off your first order when you download the app! Be sure to use the code "app15") 

// Let's stop romanticizing the misguided, possibly dangerous actions of a spurned man. This is that creepy dude who wouldn't stop playing the piano until he "won his love back." *eyeroll

// I downloaded an app. And suddenly, was part of the Cajun Navy. This had me hardcore crying by the end. It's almost impossible to stop reading once you start. So many amazing people in the world.

// 17 hilarious times Twitter was woke AF.

// Random, but I LOVE when brands color coordinate their ecommerce pages - this one gradually glides into the next color and it's so fun to scroll through.

// I recently updated my Poshmark with loads of new dresses and shoes - and I'm constantly uploading more on the fly - pop over and make some offers! It's all gotta goooooo! (PS - $172 was donated to Harvey relief (and matched by Facebook - making it $344!) so thanks for scooping up some of those goodies during a 48-hour drive!) Also - if you use the code TNKXL when signing up, you and I will both get $5 ;)

xo KB

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  1. I seriously look forward to these posts of yours!!!
    Love the donuts!! And that Kristen Bell was in Orlando!! An instagram pal kept posting so many photos of her and Seth Rogen during the storm <3


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