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I feel like I usually start these posts by saying how busy we've been. So busy! Doing all the things! No rest! Go Go Go! Well, I really haven't been all that busy lately. And it's been awesome. I've been lucky enough to stay consistently booked with doula work (mostly postpartum overnights), and it's allowed me so much extra time with the boys, and just by myself - which might sound a little contradictory. I haven't wanted to really write anything, so instead I just did, well, anything else. If you follow me on Instagram then you basically follow me on Snapchat because I pretty much only repost Snaps these days haha! I'm not very good at taking my own outfit photos so now I affectionately refer to my mirror as my #InstagramHusband. I also just don't get all dressed up that often it seems. I've been spending more time outside, and at the gym, so I'm usually in a hoodie, tshirt, and shorts/yoga pants. I'm comfortable at least! I've been hustling away at all of my (doula) certification packets, and I'll have all three of them finished before the new year (!!!). I've also had an above average number of design clients over the past couple months, so that has been something that has kept me somewhat entertained. I'm starting to really feel that shift in myself/my blog where I just kind of want to be behind the scenes. But that's another conversation entirely and far too many feels for me to be having this early in the morning. I'm still working it all out in the ol' noggin.

I can't promise I'll be the most consistent blogger (as evidenced by recent activity - or lack thereof), but at least I can say there are a couple neat things coming up soon. One of them is the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge (it's my third year participating!) Pop back over soon, okay?

xo KB

And because I'm declaring it #TreatYoSelfTuesday, here are a few things I wish I could treat myself with: this NOPE phone case to match my iron on patch // the pink stripe pom pom + cat pillows // this ivory lace dress // this cute "air mail" wallet // any and all of the other cookbooks i don't own yet LOL // every. single. bag. from leo studio design (!!!) // this goldenrod lace dress is perfectly autumn + 70s // keep america awesome tee // the petty booties in literally every color and texture // this rose gold sequin jacket // ALL of these if I could wear them!


  1. You look amazing. Yay for happiness!

  2. You've lost so much weight! You look happy and healthy.
    Wishing you well while patiently awaiting updates ;)

    1. I feel like I'm in a good, happy place, yes! It's a nice change of pace <3


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