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And when I say "this ish" do you know what I mean? I mean taking two kids on a 10-day RV vacation to the beach and Disneyworld. That's my life right now, y'all! BANANAS! We're leaving out tomorrow and heading south! I have a lot of feelings about this trip. Good and bad ones. On one hand I'm so excited to share with Linden all of the places his brother and I have grown to love so much over the past few years. On the other hand I'm sad that this will be our first trip down there as a smaller family. Linden won't get to experience Florida with Mike, or with us as a foursome. I'm a little apprehensive about juggling both kids solo (though I won't be alone - my parents are amazing and will be such a great help, I know it). My anxiety about the whole thing won't slow us down though! We are READY! I can't wait to take a million photos and videos and make some pretty incredible memories with my boys. Especially since Toby starts second grade in seventeen days!!! Seventeen, y'all! Summer has flown by for us, and now we're thinking about supply lists, back to school shopping, and homework. Yikes! MORE SUMMER PLEASE!

This is pretty much what I live in these days. An oversized dress, some slides, and sunglasses. Something simple and no-fuss, that I can live in, you know? I love that this dress slides right on over just about anything, and still looks pretty cute. It's the perfect waterpark/beach dress, and it transitions pretty easily to a casual day dress. And these shoes, y'all! These slides are so comfortable and CUTE! I scored them from Famous Footwear the other day on major sale! They're definitely going to be my go-to sandals for Florida because I can wear them for hours without a bit of discomfort. They definitely make me feel cute and put together (but still casual), but I can also take off in a mad dash after either one of my kids without them falling off haha! You mamas know what I'm talking about. (Full disclosure: I went after these babies (Women's Nike Air Max Sequent Running Shoe)! but they weren't in stock when I dropped by the store. Definitely ordering them for the gym though!)  Of course I had to add my new favorite bag, too. I swiped this adorable banana recently and I can't get enough of it. It puts such a smile on my face because it's so silly and fun. And how sweet are the tassel charms on my bag?!

So here it is, folks. This is where I'm at these days. I'm trying so hard to "do it all" and be everything I can be and more for these boys. I want to try and make this transition as easy as possible. Even though we're months and months in by now, it still feels fresh on occasion. But I get to see their faces light up in just a couple of days. This is going to be the BEST. WEEK. EVER! I'm sure of it. Right now it's just B-A-N-A-N-A-S. (Yes, I absolutely hope you have Gwen stuck in your head now. You're welcome!)

xo KB

PS; Do you have any shoes that make you feel like you can take on the world? I just really love me a good pair of shoes! (Feel free to share your favorite picks from Famous Footwear below or on Instagram!)

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  1. Replies
    1. I totally pulled my pair out to pack for Florida, but I left them on the mushroom bench! Wahhhhh! (I LOVE my chacos though!)

  2. Shoes are super cute, but that dress is amazing. Where'd you get it?

  3. Adorable bag! You and the boys would be having such a blast for sure. So sweet that the grandparents can join in the fun as well. I love Disneyworld!


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