// Things I Love Thursday v.248

this is my 2016 mantra. ♥
this cool neon skull ♥
this one, too ♥
♥ this! ♥
this is the bath of my dreams ♥
♥ toby saw this and couldn't stop saying "those are real cute!" ♥
♥ I NEED ONE OF THESE for my mug collection! ♥
this tattoo is stunning ♥
♥ this. ♥

// Holy moly. This post was overwhelming and informative.

// Let kids run wild in the woods.

// I am 110% obsessed with all the new ~trends predicted for Spring. I can't get enough of these new floral patterns (!!!) and the abundance of stripes in every style. SQUEEEE! You can also totally channel your inner disco diva, if you want.

// The Empowerment Project Documentary <--- awesome="" is="" p="" this="">

// Little girl forgets her stuffed bunny at hotel, staff takes it on an adventure.

// The new year has me feeling pretty sassy, and I'm totally eyeing a funky new septum clicker like this one.

// I'm currently saving my I'm currently saving my pennies for a Lizzie Fortunado clutch - seriously NEED.

// Wishlist Wears: okay, y'all, seriously! I've found way too much stuff that I'm head over heels for but I'm going to try and narrow it down. But they're all amazing, so... // this skirt! // this funky dress // this dress WILL be mine! // this adorable bag // this super fun pattern // these stripes! // more stripes! // geometric lines // these shoes!!! // florals! // and more brushstrokes haha!

// 23 things parents used to do that would get major side eye today.

// Shopbop's 70% off sale is worth checking out! There's even a BB Dakota coat for only $43!

What are you loving this week?

xo KB


  1. Excellent list! I need those Neko Atsume kitty toys in my life soooooo badly!!

    xo. holly erinn

  2. I love that last image about finding yourself in 2016. <3 <3 <3 It really resonates with me right now.

  3. I always LOVE your TILT posts!! Thank you for these :)


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