friday night lights

the hangover is officially my new favorite movie. my roommate, alyssa, and i went out for a quick beer tonight and then went to see the movie on its opening night. we had to buy our tickets via fandango because all of the showings were selling out! crazy! anyway, we went to amsterdam billiards & bar and a 12oz blue moon was $6.50! $8 with tip! [as a bartender and someone who lives off of her tips, i try to tip generously] but still! gah! last month in nashville when blue moon was $4.50 at 3rd and Lindsley i was complaining! but anyway, i guess thats just the city for you. we went over to the movie theater and the line to get in the theater was RIDICULOUS! you had to fight your way to the door and we finally found seats... like.. 4th row from the front but center. not so far to the front that you broke your neck looking up the whole time. they were good seats. the place was packed. door to door, jammed, sold out. but holy crap it was a good time. everyone was cracking up, hollerin, clapping, etc. it was fun. it was a fun young group. the movie though... OH MY WORD! THE MOVIE WAS HILARIOUS! so so so so so good. i could watch it 39487389 times over again... right now. the credits with the photos really made it. i highly suggest it!

so basically as you can probably tell, i'm feeling loads better! ugh finally! my jaw is still hurting but im lightyears better than i was! tomorrow im goin to venture out into the city with my friend devon and go to a bunch of thrift stores. huzzah! then tomorrow night and sunday will just fall into place i hope. monday morning its back to work! yay!~ so glad to be going back!

next friday is THIEVES LIKE US playing at webster hall. alex comes into town on friday so we're going to check out that show and possibly the fun little dance party that goes on there TRASH!. devon might tag along too. fun fun fun. 14 days left in the city. man it feels so weird to say that.

also, we just got pizza delivered to our apartment at like 2am [its weird because thast impossible in tennessee haha] but basically a SMALL in new york pizza is like a freaking extra large everywhere else. i couldnt even finish one slice. crazy!

okay! sleep time! soon. maybe. ha. I LOVE THIS CITY!


  1. i loved that movie!
    "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. except herpes, that shit comes back with you." hahaha

  2. hahahahaha oh my god i know! TAHT MOVIE WAS SO GOOD! i want to see it again right now.

  3. I'm stalking your old posts! And when I read $6.50 for a Blue Moon I was like, wow, that's cheap. HA! (I don't know if you remember, but I'm in LA.)


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