The Past Few Days...

Yesterday Mike and I woke up bright and early to try and face the day. His dad and his mechanic came over to look at his car and try and diagnose the problem. We decided it was a gorgeous day for outfit photos and G wanted to run and play in the creek. We willingly obliged (Read: I came running behind after I realized the two of them were already creek stomping!) I had my camera in tow so we shot a few photos and what not.

Afterwards Mike snapped a few outfit photos because it's been a hot minute since I've done it. They are as follows....

{Outfit Details : 4.14.2010}
{Dress: Charlotte Russe $28}
{Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $25}
{Charm Bracelet: Juicy Couture $400~}
{Flats: Ross $12}

After outfit photos, Mike dropped me off for Print 2 class, but as per usual, I couldn't do much without my computer. I brainstormed the idea for my vegan bakery designs (final project) and then he came to get me. We decided to venture to Nashville to get Mike's septum pierced so we found ourselves up at Icon. All went well and we headed to The Gulch to go to Urban Outfitters. I ended up buying the most adorable Zooey-Deschanel-Blue (a la 500 Days of Summer) Dress and Mike picked up about 4 v-necks. We headed back to Franklin only to change, turn around and go back to Nashville... but this time to Opry Mills Mall. I just can't help myself. Luckily I didn't pick up a single thing in Forever 21, but the other stores surprised me. 2 stores I NEVER step foot in... I walked out with a dress in each (The Democracy dress or whatever from ModCloth @ A'Gaci {for $20! Thanks for the heads up to the commenter a few posts back!}) and one in Papaya, along with a straw fedora! Then we went to Charlotte Russe and I found 3 dresses! One is a denim little number, very 1990's vibe. Another was a more tribal dress, then the burgundy one you'll see below!

We came home, snuggled up and watched I Love You, Man (I LOVE that movie! Almost as much as I love Paul Rudd!). Sleepy time!

We woke up this morning and off we went! We snapped a few outfit photos yet again (Two days in a row!) and I headed to class.

{Outfit Details : 4.15.2010}
{Dress: Charlotte Russe $28}
{Boots: Thrift in San Fran $25}
{Hat: Papaya $8}

{Outfit Details : 4.15.2010}
{Vneck: Urban Outfitters $12}
{Jeans: Secondhand from Kaelah, CR $25}
{Wood Plugs: Omerica Organics $45}
{Shoes: Walmart $3}

Mike started his first day at REI today so he was gone when I came home from school. It was odd trying to busy myself for 9 and a half hours while he was gone. I couldn't do homework (still no computer) but I managed to download the trial of Adobe Photoshop CS4 onto the macbook so I edited the photos above for Flickr. Then I cleaned the house, took G to the dog park, and then watched 3 episodes of Felicity. I even managed to have dinner cooked for Mike when he got home. WIN! Now we're about to settle in and maybe watch some Hulu. Who knows!

BTW: I REALLY NEED TO GET RID OF ALL OF THESE CLOTHES! They're all in "price categories" or whatever, but I'm flexible. I just need to get them out the door.. I have NO room! I don't want to move them when we move out in December so please buy them! haha If you want more than one item, email me and I'll combine shipping and reduce the price! Feel free to make an offer for one or more items! I'm totally open! {Send email inquiries to} I accept PayPal, concealed cash, money order, and {sometimes} check. I can provide ample references just to prove that I'm not a scam artist ;)


  1. Oh boy, those are cute pictures. (: I lovee the clothes you have for sale. I wish i had some money D: lol. I've been trying to get some. If i do i might try and get something, lol. :D

  2. My goodness,I love your tattoos!You just look amazing ALL the time!!
    I believe a girl can NEVER have too many clothes!!!

  3. Aww! Girl after my own heart! I have a juicy charm bracelet too!


  4. Aww, I'm glad you picked up that dress at A'Gaci; I'm all about bargin hunting.


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