Photo Recap

No word from Mac Authority about my dear baby Francois yet. I'm hoping they call today and say it's the logic board. Everyone thus far has put their weight behind that theory and all I said was "I don't care WHAT it is... don't care... as long as it is NOT my harddrive!" Luckily I'm under AppleCare so it will be taken care of, I just can't afford to lose that much work this late in the game. Anywho, I have a few pictures from my iPhone from this weekend and yesterday that I thought I should post. I'm still on Mike's computer so bear with me here :D

One thing Toby loved this weekend was our new hammock. We laid him in it and he just stayed still. He'd just rock back and forth and he loved it when Daddy laid down with him. So precious!

We came inside Sunday night to make dinner and Toby was a little restless. He walked over to the floor by the stove and just laid down. He was ready for bed (this was at 10pm) but his mom hadn't shown up yet.

Georgia and Toby absolutely adore each other. It's so sweet to see G follow him and vice versa. They just hug and kiss all day long.

When Toby saw that G had gone to lay down in the floor of the kitchen, he walked over and did the exact same thing. Our hearts were melting.. and then he scooted over to her and laid his head on her back like a pillow! They both just laid there for a minute or two. The photo I have is a bit of an ~action shot so I apologize for that but it's SO adorable!

Anywhoo, I received an awesome little Sea World gift in the mail from Miss Jamie C! It's an adorable shark keychain that has now found a new home! It was such a perfect little present and I couldn't be more excited! Thanks Jamie!

Also in the mail was a lovely little package from Miss Britt! She sent over 2 lovely little headbands for me to ring in my 22nd year of life with! They're darling! These are crappy quality Photobooth pictures but since I'm sans computer, I didn't want to wait to show y'all!

Yesterday after class (I didn't stay long since I didn't have a project to present during critique), Mike and I went to Nashville and here and there. We ended the evening with some time at the Puppy Park, as per usual. Georgia made a new friend named Wallace... He just so happened to be a 135lb Great Dane! They were precious together though! The iPhone photos are a bit crap because I zoomed in and cropped.. but whatever!

We made veggie stirfry last night and watched The Informant. It was pretty good, I think haha. The inner monologues were my favorite.

We woke up fairly early today and Mike's dad came to look at his car. He's about to have it towed so we're just waiting. We went outside and took outfit photos for today but I can't post them until I have my computer (soon, I hope!). We also went and played in the creek with Georgia (Mike just gave her a shower haha). It's only 11:30! Wahoo! I have class at 1 and then who knows what!

I hope you're all having a marvelous Hump Day!

ps; To the Anon that commented on the last post (I think)... I responded! I'm not sure if you've seen it or not but either way, please email me! I definitely would love the chance to make this right and I'm so sorry I missed your email! New friends are always awesome!


  1. your pics are so sweet! especially the baby ones:P

  2. lovvvve that face mike is making in the background of the headband picture. that's a sexy one for surrrre. hahaha.

    and LOVE great danes. georgia has good taste! :)

  3. the pictures are PRECIOUS! :]

  4. Aww Yay! I'm so glad you liked your headbands! That just made my day!

  5. you guys are so lucky to have a cute little boy like toby! <3

  6. Hi there, new blog reader just stopping by to say hello and to say how lovely your blog is. Also, I love your hair and your dog. :D

    Will continue to stop by!


  7. Did I already tell you that you are adorable? :)

  8. This is drovepast from lj, don't know if you read my journal/remember me. But I was just wondering what part of Tennessee you're in? I'm going to be living in Knoxville over the summer, didn't know if you'd want to meet up at some point. :)

  9. drovepast: aw hey girl! i'm in nashville... about 3-4 hours west of knoxville, but its a straight shot on the interstate. however, i'll be living in NYC this summer (starting may 23rd) so i won't be around until after August 7th :(


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