In My Purse...

Rather than bore you with an uninteresting insight to my lazy Wednesday (I seriously did NOTHING today) I'll just give you the gist and then share with you a "What's in my purse" post as requested via my FormSpring. (Sorry it took me an extra day, commenter!)

Today I went to Print 2, did my thing, came home and waited for Mike to get home. We promptly took Georgia to the puppy park because we promised her we would. Afterwards we went downtown for frozen yogurt at Sweet CeCe's and then we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom. We drove down to my work in Columbia to get Mike's car and now here we are... about to watch last night's episode of Glee and hang out. So boring, I know. haha

But onto the pictures! Here is what is in my purse... It's not normally organized like so, but for the sake of photos...

Items are as follows....
* Hello Kitty Wallet
* Passport
* Filp Cam Mino HD
* 5 dollar bill
* Iphone 3Gs
* Business Card for a photographer
* 2 Tattoo appointment cards
* Canel gum
* Moleskin
* Sketchbook/Journal for O'More
* Vegan Shark Gummies
* Pink Lemonade packets
* Kawaii Iphone cover
* Inhaler
* Contact solution
* SPF 100
* Loose pens & markers
* Earbuds
* Zyrtec
* Business card holder
* Anna Sui coinpurse (thanks Ashley!)
* Lipglosses
* Hair clips
* Memory Card reader
* Septum jewelry
* Sunglasses from St. Mark's Row
* Contact case
* Lucky body spray
* A&D ointment for tattoos
* SideKick LX 2009
* Keys & Keychains (Shark via Jamie C!)
* Makeup Bag
* Various Makeup products

That about does it for my "In My Purse" post! What's in YOUR purse?! Leave a comment with photos or a list, or better yet, post this on your blog and leave a comment with a link so I can check it out! Encourage your readers to do the same and we'll all have a little glimpse into each other's lives! :D

Feel free to ask me anything over at my FormSpring by CLICKING HERE! (Hateful comments will not be tolerated, though! Let's keep it kosher!) xo

PS; if the photos aren't large enough for you, you can view them full-size by CLICKING HERE to see them on my Flickr!


  1. Oh ! You really do use that change purse! It's so you!
    Enjoyed this post!


  2. haha we have the same make-up bag!

  3. I looooove your kawaii iphone case! If/when I get an iphone I want one just like it!


  4. i adore your posts & your pretty little things! especially that make-up bag! where is that from?
    xox allison

  5. allison: it's just a cheapo little 3-piece set from WalMart or Target i think! :)

  6. you fit *all that* in your purse? do you have shoulder problems? do you walk crooked?
    wow. impressed.
    i have cell my purse. oh and ibuprofen. lots and lots.

  7. Your purse looks about as heavy as mine does! I had to steal this idea and I just finished my post on it. You can find it at the link below.


  8. Your purse looks so full of goodies, wish mine was so exciting! I love the coin purse! So adorable!

    Missy x

  9. Oh my gosh. How do you keep that all organized?!?! I have about half that much and I am always scrambling to find ANYTHING!


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