Throw Away Cameras 2 & 3

Miike beat me to posting a few on his blog... I can't even begin to describe how busy yesterday was. This whole week will continue to be. I promise I'll be around, though. But everything (facebook, formspring, twitter for the most part) is taking a breather. I'm swamped! If you're on FLICKR, let's be ~contacts.

PS; Here's another Shop It To Me invite-only code if you want to join (30%+ off Marc Jacobs, Free People, Miu Miu, etc!) And you get free giftcards for stuff! :D (I've received $100 in giftcards so far).



  1. great pictures! I love your boots :D


  2. Are the notes something he did for you (or visa versa) or did you just randomly find them?
    Han :)

  3. Han: they're part of a photo/book project i'm doing! :) it's called "40 days to happiness: the art of creating & spreading joy" :D

  4. Love LOVE LOVEEEEE your boots!

  5. Aww these are so cute! I swear, you and Mike are the cutest couple ever. And Georgia! Ohmygosh. Cuteeee.
    loviess. XO.

  6. The note project is precious!
    Dr. Oz told some woman on yesterdays episode to do a 28 days to happiness like that, it was so great!
    I love the whole idea.
    Pictures are yet again precious.
    Georgia is so big!

  7. Cute pics. I love your hair :)

    i like your blog!

  8. your day looked like so much fun!!
    i LOVE days like this.

    Isn't the weather just amazing lately?!
    I love the spring time. Flowers are so inspiring!

  9. dear goodness those boots are amazing. your day sounded like a spring-y blast! : )

  10. Dear Miss B...
    Did I miss something...Could that be an engagement ring on your finger?

  11. me and my husband had SO much fun with disposables in florida....i JUSt scanned some after i saw yours....didnt reolize how nice they turn out on screen..thanks:)

  12. hey cute photos girl. you've got yourself a fun lil blog, i think i'ma follow you! :D

  13. are you sporting an engagement rock, girly?! ;D!!

  14. This dog is SO CUTE!!! And I absolutely love your hair color.

    <3 Alex

  15. Jinx & Ashley: no no no don't worry, not an engagement ring... Just a $12.99 Target special that I wear at work/the bar so I can flash it & say "I'm taken" when drunk fellas try to ~holla. If the day comes (& hopefully it will eventually), I will DEFINITELY post about it ;)

  16. Haha that reminds me of that video by Ms.Taken on youtube. About how her key chain turns into a engagement ring when she goes out to a bar.

    I knew you wouldn't hold out on us! haha.



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