Keep Calm, Don't Panic

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't *this* close to throwing myself over the edge right about now... After a nice, relaxing day/evening with Mike, a fun date night, and a great movie, I come home to find a dead computer. Oh, but not just dead.. no, of course not. I mean a computer that literally ceases to exist. My poor Francois has found himself ill. He refuses to boot up, even after all the troubleshooting we could find. He tries with all his might, and then just falls short.

After a frantic email to my professor, I promised myself I'd calm down and just... make do. Unfortuantely for me, I have a rather important project due at 11am. Yeah... Oh, did I mention, um... I don't think I've ever backed up my computer on my external. I KNOW I KNOW! That is definitely ALL my fault... however, this little computer glitch, not so much. Sadly if it proves to be fatal, I will be out FOUR YEARS of work. FOUR YEARS! FOUR YEARS OF GRAPHIC DESIGN, GONE! Oh my stars. I cannot even begin to fathom what I will do.

BUT! I must not trouble my little head just yet. Maybe things will be ~okay. Maybe they will work out. At least I have AppleCare. I'm devastated at the thought of losing 2 years worth of music, 2 years worth of photos, 2 years worth of so many great things... but I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around FOUR YEARS OF HARD WORK! My entire education. Merely months before graduation. And the fact there are only 2 and a half weeks left of this semester. Eep!

Anyway, whatever. I won't worry about it now. I'll be at the Apple store bright and early in the morning!


phew. okay. okay. okay.

Yesterday Mike, Toby and I ventured down to my parents' house. We visited and talked and they went to get my old CozyCoupe from when I was a year old. This car is 21 years old. Mind boggling! Toby loved it! It was a bit ratty but he had so much fun. You can see pictures at MIKE'S BLOG. (I don't feel like loading them up on his tiny little 13" Macbook... I'm bitter at the moment. haha 13" does not compare to 17" :( :( :( ). We had such a blast and I was able to show my Nana my new tattoo for her. I think she almost cried. She hates tattoos but I think she finally found the meaning behind it and I told her my other leg was for Papa. I hope it really touched her. She means so incredibly much to me and I couldn't think of a better way to show it.

After coming home, we cooked a yummy dinner of veggie stirfry (the usual) and played with Toby for a bit. His mom came to pick him up at about 10:30pm and we settled in for The Office and Men Who Stare At Goats. I fell asleep at the end and we were dying in the heat so Mike ran to Walmart and got an oscillating fan haha

We woke up this morning, ran errands, he took me to Print class and then we were off for the day. We grabbed lunch at Genghis Grill (mongolian stirfry... so predictable!) and went to the mall and such. We went ring shopping (just for fun) and we caught the 8pm showing of Date Night (surprisingly hilarious!). I came home to find my computer and thus the mood funk starts.

I have tons of pictures to show you all... provided I have a functioning computer of my own here shortly. It only helps matters that my iPhone has been way less than cooperative lately and we went to check on a new 3Gs today. Bad things happen in sets of 3 maybe?

Just keep your fingers crossed for me and if all goes well I WILL have you a mixtape for download this week! I hope I didn't lose all of my music. kDJfal;djf;sa GAHHH!

Anyway, you all are the best and I promise you wonderful things shortly!

ps: Jamie C. sent me the MOST FANTASTIC shark keychain and letter in the mail today! It was such a delight to open it and Mr. Shark has found a new home on my keychain! I have a photo and all that jazz that I'll post soon! Thanks Jamie! Eep! You're awesome! Expect a package soon!



  1. The EXACT same thing happened to my sad little compy a couple months ago. Out of nowhere it just quit starting up. I totally freaked out because I didn't have a single thing backed up either! :( I don't have applecare but the lovely geniuses at the apple store fixed it for free! Hopefully you are as lucky with applecare and all. :)

  2. Oh no! Hopefully even if the computer isn't functional they can salvage the hard-drive, but I'm just as bad as you with backing things up |:

  3. Oh no! I know what that feels like, because I have a PC. I've been wanting to switch to a MAC for a long time now. I hope everything gets worked out!

  4. I hope you get things sorted out so you can retrieve your work - and be sure to check around if the first person tells you it's impossible. Last year I lost three years worth of photos (of my children, mainly), and part of a novel I'm working on, after failing to back up. The shop I took the computer to told me they couldn't save any of my stuff, but I later found out it could have been done fairly easily. And they knew it was photos of my kids I wanted to save, which makes me very angry.
    The worst thing is I still haven't backed anything up! So thanks for reminding me, I'm going to do that. Good luck.

  5. i would hope for the best. same thing happened to my computer last week and my boyfriend, an IT expert (thank goodness!), cleaned it out and found 15 trojan viruses that had snuck in under the premise of an ANTI-VIRUS program. we are pretty sure it came from facebook because there has been a rash of these lately and everyone mentioned having clicked a link on facebook. be careful and as soon as you get that baby up and running again, back up the stuff you'd be devastated to lose. :) isn't it funny how it takes a HUGE scare to get us to do what we should have done all along. boo for the school of hard knocks. :P

  6. this post isn't really relevant to what i am about to say, but i just wanted to get it out somehow in an anonymous form.. first off, you are SO incredibly amazing and inspirational. some of the things you write have brought me to tears, and i can truly say that your words have helped me get through tough break ups, horrible nights stressing over school, and random days where i just dont like myself.. so thank you for that! you push me every day to be a more confident, independent, and carefree person. ive even gotten back into my artistic side after looking at your blog for so long. BUT it still breaks my heart that i wrote to you once before and you never answered. you always seems so open but last year before you had even gone to NYC, you posted a bulletin on myspace asking who lived in the area, and when i replied i got no answer. for some reason i was sad that someone i looked up too so much couldn't take the time to write a quick response.. but i guess i was just another face in the crowd to you... oh well, i still think you're great.

  7. anonymous: that makes me really really sad that i didnt reply, because i promise it was not intentional. i received quite a few emails about hanging out, and i was in contact with almost all of them (that i remember) but only a few worked out. (im very very shy). i never meant to disregard your email (i assure you, every single email i receive, i make time to respond to, even if its a few days late). everything you said was so incredibly kind but nothing breaks my heart more than the fact that i unknowingly blew off a message from someone who genuinely just wanted to hang out.

    i realize i cannot go back in time and change the fact that i either missed the email or forgot to respond (i owe a lot of that to reading emails or myspace on my phone... and then never remembering them when i'm on the computer, though i can't be 100% that is what happened)... but what i can say is that i will be back in new york city in a month or so (arriving may 23rd or the following week) and i would LOVE to hang out, seriously! i would never pass up the opportunity to meet fun people in the city that know more than i, and anyone willing to just kick it (i only have 2 friends in the city). so if you're willing to give me another shot and not just think i'm some dumb girl on the internet that disregards sincerity, i'd love to give it another go :D

    and this time i'll be in the city for a lot long (until august 7th!). last year i worked EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. i was there, except for the week that i was almost hospitalized. i'll only be working ~3 days a week now.

    seriously, email me! i want to hang out. and i promise i won't accidentally skim over it! kaelahbee (at) gmail (dot) com

    <3 <3 <3 i'm so so so eternally sorry <3


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