Saturday in the Sun

The day started kind of late as I somehow managed to sleep until 12:30pm! I strolled in from work at 3am and fell asleep, but I guess between Georgia and Toby waking me up a few times and being exhausted as of late, my body wanted to sleep as long as possible. We woke up and got dressed, a girl called me from Columbia University in NYC to interview me about BUST Magazine for her paper, and then we were off! First stop, lunch. We went to Garcia's and ate yummy Mexican food before stopping by IveyCake, going to Walmart, and picking up some things for the cookout at my parents' house tomorrow. We drove around downtown a lot and I found my ~dream home. The picture above! Just plant it in South Carolina or Georgia by the water and I'm happy!

We took Toby to the park for a while and he had a blast. He was quite adventurous today. Stairs, slides and rocks galore. Here are a few (read: many) cute pictures from today.

(Toby at Garcia's)


(Toby and Daddy conquer the slides!)

We came home and Toby and G have been playing ever since. Toby will steal her rubber ducky and Georgia will go steal it back. So precious.

I'm still exhausted (I guess I slept TOO much) but I'm hopeful that work will be slammed tonight. I'm missing the cocktail party at school due to the fact I have to be ready and prepared for an onslaught of thirsty Mule Day-goers. Yea, It's Mule Day weekend. Columbia is the Mule capital of the world... I have no idea why that is still relevant in 2010.

Tomorrow we're loading up the car and heading to Hohenwald for a bit. Until then, Happy Weekend! xoxo

PS; Ask Me Anything at my Formspring. I'll try to answer during work tonight if it's not as busy as we've anticipated. (Please note, however, I don't tolerate rude/malicious attacks. I merely won't answer them.) ♥


  1. Your son is adorable! And, I love that house. I live in a historic neighborhood in Atlanta and there are houses like that all over my neighborhood.

  2. Hahaha, I saw an FML post today that talked about their hometown being full of mules. I was wondering what town they were talking about-- you solved my mystery XD

  3. I vote for the house to in South Carolina! That's where I'm from and there are plenty of cute towns that it would fit in at! Remember, there's nothing finer than living in Carolina! :)

  4. Your blog is seriously so cute! so glad I found it. You have just the spunk I have been wanting to see in this blogging world. <3

  5. windsor: he's just my step-son, i guess you'd say! but i love him just like he were my own blood!

    emilie: yes! ughhh i need to go find this FML post! hahaha

    beth ann: any cute towns you'd recommend we go check out? we want beach and southern hospitality!

    anon: no, he's mike's son from a previous relationship! he's my step-son, if you'd say :D i love him though!

    kate: aw thanks! im glad you found it too! and that such an awesome compliment, thank you! :D :D :D


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