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Pretty Pastel
I think yellow is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite colors to wear in Spring. Not like that's revolutionary or anything, but it's a nice fresh change of pace from the black-laden winter. This is the other dress I snagged from Maurice's the other week. It's the same size at the Mint + Watercolor one, but it fits way smaller. It's still a super cute dress, but I haven't decided if it's flattering on me. I'll admit I killed the vibe a bit with a grey cardigan, but it's what I had lying around so it's what I put on. I clearly can't be fussed with too much digging for a color appropriate cardi haha. I'm also starting to wonder when I'll retire my Maja bag. It's totally season appropriate but I never wear any one purse for this long haha! I guess that's a sign that it's a really really good bag. Looking through these photos has me craving a change for my hair. I'm reluctant to dye it since I'm finally sort of happy with the color (peep those basically-black roots! Can I just do the lazy/ombre thing?). I considered breaking out a wig for Spring but uh, I now live in a tiny, tiny town... and I really don't need any more reasons for people to stare at me haha The humidity is creeping back into the picture so beware -- frizzy hair will be all you see for the next several months. (Let's be honest -- It's going to get so hot and unbearable soon... I doubt I'll bother even getting dressed most days!)
Pretty Pastel
Pretty Pastel
This weekend was a welcome change of pace. Saturday I spent the day traipsing around Nashville with my mom and Nana. Toby went to spend a few hours with his grandparents so we killed some time waiting for him. It was nice to spend that time with them. I live so close to both of them now and I love seeing them more often, but our "quality" time always seems limited. It was a much needed break from the normal daily grind. Plus Mike was ecstatic at the opportunity to not drive to Nashville haha Looks like I'll be back for the next several weekends, too. It's nice to have plans to look forward to and friends to see! 
Pretty Pastel
I'm ready to tackle the new week! For the last several weeks it's seemed that my Mondays are my most productive days. I think taking a dedicated break each and every weekend, and trying to really treat the blog/design work as a 9 to 5 (-ish), really helps me feel refreshed come Monday. I'm working on several custom painted wooden signs for Mother's Day and early wedding season, by the way! If you're keen on snagging your own, shoot me an email! I'd love to whip you up something lovely. 

We're also booking Mommy + Me shoots for Mother's Day, too! If you're in/around Tennessee and you want some sweet photos of you and your kid(s), give us a shout! We're running a special, too. 30 minutes, 10 (guaranteed) finished photos, and printing rights to all of the images for only $150! Email us for available dates. You can see some of our Him + Honey work here!

Maurice's dress
Charlotte Russe cardigan
SheInside flats
Maja bag c/o Little Black Bag


  1. always loving your outfits!

    we are in a winter storm advisory here in MN! kind of sad as we might just skip spring here this year... grrr! the winter months gives me static hair. lol...

  2. I definitely think the dress is flattering! Honestly, the cut looks really nice on you. I love the yellow lace and the pleating. I haven't been to Maurice's in forever, but I'll have to check them out again. I've started making myself wear a skirt or dress every time I go out, and I need more 'cause I have like one of each.

    And I love that ombre is in because I can pretend my roots are trendy. The only problem is that I have grey hairs which I guess I'll cover up at some point. Bleh.

  3. yellow is gorgeous and doesn't work on my skin tone! ): boo! you look lovely
    kw ladies in navy

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    -Greeting from Indonesia-

  5. That is the most adorable dress :)

  6. Such a lovely outfit, fabulous colors and adorable style :)

    Dress To Cook Blog

  7. The grey cardigan looks super cute with that dress, you didn't kill the vibe at all!

  8. I wish you lived in Australia! I would absolutely love a Mummy + Me shoot with my daughter :)

  9. that is SUCH a beautiful dress! <3

    XO Sahra

  10. Small town probs...I feel ya! I used to dress kind of crazy in lots of bright colours and poofy dresses and red lips but lately I've toned down my style because honestly sometimes I just don't want people staring at me. Someday I will go to NYC and wear something truly daring and rejoice in the fact that nobody will give me a second glance!


  11. I love yellow for this spring too (and that shade, especially). Such a happy color! I love the dress, and that cardigan is too cute. Your hair is awesome here too - did you pin part of it back differently or something? I love it.

    xox Sammi

  12. I think yellow is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite colors to wear in Spring. Not like that's revolutionary or anything, dirty dancing dress
    but it's a nice fresh change of pace from the black-laden winter.

  13. Cute print!!! i wish to buy more dresses.


  14. I'm loving yellow right now :) You look great and this dress is SO cute

    xo Ashley

  15. I also worry about summer hair. But this no poo thing is really working for me. Wavy and not frizzy has never happened to me in the summer before. I have a fall for my hair in case it just gets crazy. Then I can just throw it up and clip in the fall. I cant ever get a wig to look right. You should do wig tips. lol. Im glad you got a break from the daily crazy.
    Gracie B

  16. Uhm, please don't hold back on commenting all over my blog. I love hearing your thoughts! And I'll do the same :) xoxo

  17. This is a lovely dress, it's definitely flattering! I love the print on the skirt & the lace detail.

    Jesss xo

  18. I have been seriously loving your outfits more and more, even though I have always loved them. :D

  19. Yeah I'm definitely not looking forward to the unbearably hot southern weather heading our way soon. It's never pleasant.
    I think this is an adorable spring outfit! I love the mix of yellow and gray and the print on your dress is gorgeous. So cute!

  20. A beautiful southern belle, my dear! You've such a great knack for fit with your clothes. Thanks for the inspiration to wear more dresses :)



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