// April Mixtape

April Mixtape
April Mixtape
It's Friday! The last day of the work week, and the soon-to-be start of a wonderful weekend. This month's mixtape is perfect for fresh air, sunshine, and singing along to.

Since I dropped the ball on March (whoops!), I decided to make this one super awesome. Well, it's super awesome to me at least! These songs make me want to take a road trip (the first one, especially!) and make a video of the whole thing. Nothing like a soundtrack to set the tone for adventure.

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For Non-US/non-Spotify users, check out this Grooveshark playlist!
*Please note: 2 songs have been substituted since I couldn't find them on GS!
April Mixtape by kaelah bee on Grooveshark

Let me know what you think! Which song is your favorite? xo


  1. I love your playlist, perfect for doing my art work to itxx

  2. I wish I could listen to this but spotify isn't available in Canada :( Oh well, I'll go search these songs on the Internet. I adore the design for the mix tape though, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to add some new music to my playlist :)

    1. Ah great point! I just added a Grooveshark playlist to the post so you should be able to listen to that one! 2 of the original songs weren't on GS so I substituted them for equally good ones! ;)

  3. listening to this to get my day started right. thanks for sharing! already love it
    kw, ladies in navy

  4. Love this! Totally to my taste. Definitely adding these to my homework playlist :)

  5. Awe, no Spotify in Canada. :(


  6. I love your mixtape feature - I wish I could design those cute cd holders like you do! I have a weekly feature (but usually just one song or some themed playlist) but I want to have better pictures for it. maybe I should invest in photoshop first...


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