// Things I Love Thursday v.132

this is perfect. ♥
EnglishBulldog by Gingiber

Stacie did this AMAZING portrait of Georgia for her 52 Weeks of Dog series! Go look! ♥ 
these koalas! ♥
♥ and this koala, too! ♥
this pretty gal's outfit! ♥
this frenchie! ♥
this goldfish has swim bladder disease so his owner made him a buoyancy device ♥
♥ check out this awesome ride, ladies ♥
these russian arms ♥
this abandoned church got a makeover !!! ♥
♥ i love this

this life hack is so great ♥
♥ oh lawd! ♥
this tattoo is fabulous ♥
this is my favorite ♥

// These photos of firefighters saving cats are so adorable... and the last one is a little bit hilarious/frightening!

// Did/Do you love Garden State? Want Zach Braff to make a follow up film? Here's your chance!

// Emerging Thoughts is still giving y'all 20% off until midnight tonight! Seriously, go nab those cat tattoos pronto! 

// New faces I'm stoked to have over on the sidebar this week: Amanda's amazingly adorable New Zealand blog + some of the most fantastic jewelry from The Northern Sea.

// If Your Friend Says You Are Too Fat To Be In Her Wedding, She Is Not Your Friend.

// The Gnarly Whale is offering y'all 20% off any order in their shop! Just use the code "KAELAH" to claim your savings. Also - get a free 2oz bottle of Thai Coconut Beach Waves with any $10 order after using your coupon! Mermaid hair for everyone!

// Now I Like My Hair, But I Hate My Skin: Why Picking Our Physical Selves Apart And You (And I) Need To Stop. Always check the comments section on XOJane articles, too!

// Gmail turned 9 earlier this month. Here's a visualization of the the years leading up to now!

// Don't Change A Thing: 8 Inventions That Never Need Updating.

// 28 Ways To Live Like Lucille Bluth.

// Cat Fancy: these earrings! // cat loafers (in blue! and white! and black!) // tabby cat coffee mug // a newspaper/cat dress! // a kitty cat phone stand, too :D

// The Future As Told By 1993 AT&T Ads: You Will Send A Fax... From The Beach.

// Want to check your cosmetics and make sure they're still fresh and sanitary? Here's a super easy way to tell!

What are you loving this week?

Psst... I'm working on compiling a list of new and old blogs I'm loving to share in an upcoming post! If you haven't left your link for me to check out, leave it with your comment! I'll spend some time tonight going through them! xo


  1. That lade is really stylish!
    Cute coalas!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  2. I adore the little test about sparklers!! How brilliant, and its so pretty :')xx

  3. I always look forward to reading your TiLT! What a fabulous tattoo, and cats being saved by firefighters? Too cute!

    Happy Thursday!
    Kristin of My Life as a Teacup

  4. My co-worker and I just both LOL'd about the sparkler cigarettes. best.idea.ever.

    xx Ashleigh

  5. The lifejacket for the fish is something I would do! Love it. You always have the best animal pictures/gifs. They make my week!

  6. I'm so glad everytime I see this post appearing in my bloglovin account. I laughed out loud for like 5 minutes with that cat gif hahaha. And those cat 'fashion finds' are the best. Everything it better with animals on it.

  7. I think I just spent an entire five minutes laughing at that cat jumping onto the beanbag.

    Doesn't take much to amuse me, apparently.

  8. i cant not look at cute puppy pictures. only problem is i want to bring home every one!!


  9. Good lord, Lucille Bluth is too funny. A couple friends of mine are having an Arrested Development season 4 viewing party, with themed food and drinks. The Lucille is a shot of vodka with a toast chaser. Needless to say, there will be an abundance of juice at this party.

    Predictions for the Past

  10. Aww, that is so sweet what he did for his fish. That is real love. It's like what this aquairum did for this sea turtle, they gave her artificial legs!
    Here is the article


    Misfit Isle

  11. awww, can this cute frenchie come live with me?

  12. Love them, especially the church's makeover!! Thank you for sharing x

    The Young Bridget Jones

  13. I live next to that abandoned church! I even saw a guy up on a cherry picker (I think that's the name?) painting some of the dots. It's awesome to see it everyday :)

  14. I'm loving all the cute animal pictures! Especially the cat gif!


  15. I saw the Julianne Moore/Linderbergh set awhile ago and have been awe of it ever since. What a wonderful idea!
    Also, I'm really loving a lot of the pieces from The Northern Sea store. Thanks for sharing!

  16. We need to have a talk about my obsessive love for koalas one of these days. xo

  17. I work in an aquarium and have never seen a fish survive swim bladder disease, that is so awesome! x

  18. Thanks for replying to me on twitter earlier! I look forward to this feature all week!

    My (very new blog) is www.thedevilwearstartan.blogspot.com

  19. Oh the hilarity that is Lucille Bluth. That actress is the most perfect person for that character.

    I recently went to a Grilled Cheese Grill, where part of the seating area is a renovated old school bus!

  20. Oh my! The cat jumping into the bean bag .gif is absolutely hypnotic and hilarious. I spent a solid minute watching and giggling.

  21. I'm loving the Lucille Bluth article! My husband and I have been blowing through the whole series again in preparation for the binge-fest that will occur when season 4 gets released. What a fun list of links! :)


  22. I really want the Beach Hair stuff - I love that it's vegan and I have been looking for a good version of this stuff. B&B is too expensive and their animal testing policy is weak and Lush's smells weird and doesn't really do the right thing to my hair. I hope this stuff is as awesome as it sounds...my only reservation is that you can only use it in wet hair vs dry hair (like the B&B stuff). *fingers crossed*

    I think I've commented before but if I haven't, my blog is here:

  23. That tattoo is pretty rad!

    Oh and my blog isn't very big or anything, but if you want to check it out, that would be very cool of you =) http://nnkmll.wordpress.com

  24. Always love your link posts, friend :)

  25. That last cat is terrifying and Lucille Bluth may be my personal hero.


  26. That yarn tattoo is absolutely fabulous! Right down to the yarn ball being shaped like a skull--such creativity, I love it. Thanks for making me smile with all these great pictures.. and I better go buy some sparklers too!


  27. Those Russian arms are beautiful! And I wish I was sending a fax by the beach..


  28. XOJane comment sections can get CRAAAAZZZYYY! Those women can be vicious, but I still check out the site daily!

    Katie- Hems For Her

  29. The Russian arms thing is so gorgeous! Also I love that life hack, even though I've never been interested in smoking in the slightest, I wouldn't mind lighting a sparkler while my husband and our friends are smoking.

  30. These are all so cute!


  31. You want to know what I love? Things I Love Thursday!

  32. These are all so cute! Love them.


  33. Haha, we have the exact same taste in media preferences. I love Buzzfeed, xoJane, Jezebel and cute animal pictures! Always a pleasure to read these posts. :)


  34. LOVE the life hack! The cat jumping into the bean bag just cracks me up every time I see it & the knitting tattoo is just wonderful! =P

  35. I hope I've already told you this... but your Thursday post is the actual highlight of every Thursday for me :) Thanks Kaelah, love ya girl! Also, I love the way type-talk :) "oh lawd"

  36. I LOVE Zach Braff and Garden State! This is fantastic news!

    Katha // kathastrophal.de

  37. Beanbag cat! Hahahah. I love the russian arms too, they would look amazing mounted on a wall.


  38. That life hack makes me want to run out & buy sparklers. Love that tattoo, too!

  39. The beanbag cat... that is too much cute!

    www.ohleona.blogspot.com x

  40. www.freedomwithflowers.blogspot.com

    a place for inspiration!

  41. that portrait of georgia is so so cute! and that bean bag cat has been killing me everytime i've seen it on tumblr!


  42. Gah I love all your animal pictures/gifs! They brighten my day :]

  43. Aww the French bulldog and the fishy <3 SOOO cute. Also, I love the sparkler idea and the picking yourself apart link. Really good round up this week!

    xo Ashley


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