Today was Mike's only day off so of course we had to go full throttle. On the long list of things to do was: Go to the DMV in Columbia and get Mike's new license, deal with bank accounts at both of our banks, go to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target, and the Post Office to ship all of my Etsy orders made since Thursday. After that we went to have lunch at O'Charleys but much to our dismay, there were few, if any, veg options. We had some spiral fries things and I had a yummy strawberry-lemonade before popping around a few shops in Spring Hill. At Target, Mike got a new iPod and I exchanged a dress I had from a while back. I also picked up a few new makeup goodies (the ELF brand that someone suggested on my YouTube video!) Thanks for the suggestions! I got some lipglosses, blushes and such. I hope I like them! After that we were finally actually hungry so we ate at Olive Garden. I had some simple linguine and Mike had some ziti. Then it was back to Columbia to pick up Leap Year from the Redbox and head home.

When we got home, I moved around some music on my iPod and then Mike formatted and filled his. I also packed up a 3-drawer plastic storage thing with all of my crafty stuff to take to NYC later this week. I hope my parents don't freak when they see how much I have to take =/ Eep! I was thinking about taking my sewing machine but I think I'll leave it at home since I'm taking my big tv. Phew!

We're about to settle in and watch Leap Year now. :D I saw on Twitter that a lot of people have received my packages today! So glad they made it safely! Penpals and Etsy customers, alike!

Oh, I'll also share with you the most exciting news of today (I'm easily excited, okay!), but people in my FormSpring were asking about what perfume I wear and I asked for suggestions. I used to wear Oceane which Anthropologie sold and I was so sad when they discontinued it. Well all the FormSpring talk made me so sad so I googled until I found it and HUZZAH! Here it is! I'm ordering a bottle as I type this! It's SO amazing and SO cheap! Gah! You have to try it if you're on the market for a new scent! CLICK HERE to see more!

Remember that giveaway I was talking about last week? Well I'm going to have it up soon! I think I'm going to wait until I get in NYC and settled in so I can pick up a few city goodies to throw in! Hope you can hold on! Note the new sponsors over on the right-hand side, too! They help support me so please help support them! :D
Here are some silly photos of Georgia...

Anywhoo, that's about it for today! I'll leave y'all to it!



  1. I love the label on the perfume, I'd buy it just for that! I'm really into collecting perfume, and at that price.... I might just have to get it!


  2. That was me asking about the perfume (and that recommended Lolita Lempicka!) =P I'm gonna get myself a bottle of that Oceane when I get a chance-- I am a perfume addict and I always like to try new scents! :)

  3. I just got your package!! I'm so excited to wear my rose tomorrow! Thank you so much

  4. They carry that same stuff at Pangaea too. I have the vanilla kind. It's all I've worn for the past year and a half. Everyone always says I smell like icing :)

  5. I want to see Leap Year - loads of people keep telling me how rubbish it is but I'd like to see it before casting judgement lol.

  6. Ashley took my answer. I love Pangaea!

  7. so beautiful. when your back in nashville i want to raid the folders on your computer with all these pictures you have. haha.


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