Television Faves?

I used to watch very little television in high school because I was so involved in school and sports. I watched very little television throughout college because I was always slaving over projects. During the month of May when I was secluded in a tiny-itsy-bitsy town at my parents' house after the flood, I probably watched more television than in the past 8 years combined. I kid you not. I had nothing else to do! So I'd put on something and let it be in the background while I crafted away! I did grow to love a few favorites over the past few years, and almost never watched it on actual cable. This is where and Netflix came in. All of my tv is watched online. Say hello to the future!

Well, with that being said, I've blown through a few series and now I'm left with nothing to occupy my nights before bed. Lame! My all time favorite, of course, is Dexter. If you haven't watched Dexter, I highly recommend it. Oh my goodness! Best show ever. Mike and I would pile up and watch a handful of episodes at a time. I miss those nights.

After Dexter was over, I reluctantly agreed to start watching Weeds with him because it was one of his all-time faves. Now, it was good in the beginning, but for a little bit it got a little dry. However, the season finale to season 5 was fairly decent. I'll watch season 6 just to see what happens. It kept me interested enough, I guess I should say.

Last night I sorted through the list of tv shows that Netflix recommended me based on my previous views and ratings. It suggested The L Word, which I had never seen. I knew the basis of what it was about (duh) but I couldn't watch season 1 or 2 instantly (bummer bears!) I started with the season premier of season 3 and although I only watched one episode, it was pretty good. I'm going to give it at least 3 episodes to make up my mind.

I've been advised countless times to "Watch True Blood! Watch it! It's so good!" but honestly, I just couldn't get into it. Halfway into the pilot I was bored and over the exaggerated (and terrible) southern accents. (Well, I really think I just took offense to it haha). I've been told, again, countless times, "Just watch True Blood again! It took me a few times but now I'm hooked" but I guess I just don't have it in me yet. So let's forgo the True Blood route all together (I just don't get giddy over vampires, sorry!)

So, my point is, What TV Shows Do You Recommend?! I like drama, romance, romantic comedies, comedies, etc. Maybe I'll just pick back up in the middle of Entourage? Hmm... Help a girl out!



  1. you can never go wrong with scrubs.

  2. i love...gossip girl. and brothers and sisters. OH! and dexter. just because he's so hot.

  3. laying on the couch all afternoon watching like an entire season of a show is one of my favorite things to do, fiance and i love...kath&kim, curb your enthusiasm, bored to death, summer heights high, always sunny, and eastbound & down.

  4. Urgh, not having a dig at Anon' here but I cannot stand Skins! So many people I know love it though so maybe it's just me? Most of them say the first series was the best.

    I second Scrubs! I'll throw Six Feet Under into the mix too. Oh, and I'm not sure if it'd be your kinda thing but I love Firefly! If you've ever seen the movie Serenity and liked that then definitely go for Firefly.

  5. i just started watching weeds. i'm liking it so far.

    other shows i've watched that i've liked were gossip girl, arrested development, and the office (don't really like this latest season, though. it isn't as funny as it used to be to me).

  6. I just started watching the show called "Pretty Little Liars". It's new. Only 3 episodes have aired so far. I love it!

    My favorite show is One Tree Hill though. =]

  7. I am currently watching my first season of Dexter, and I enjoy it, but its not going to be one of my fav shows just yet.

    I love Scrubs...
    Nurse Jackie
    Gossip Girl
    Vampire Diaries
    Pretty Little Liars
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    & Squidbillies

  8. Community, True Blood, The West Wing, or 30 rock are my faves.

  9. I'm a TV VIA NETFLIX FANATIC. In no particular order...

    Mad Men
    Six Feet Under (might be hard because you started w. Dexter, it's the same reason why I CAN'T watch Dexter)
    My Name is Earl (surprisingly hilarious and addicting)

  10. Arrested Development, the Office, Glee, Law & Order: SVU, Gilmore Girls, etc. ugh I'm a nerd!

  11. Bones
    Freaks & Geeks
    My So-called life
    the mentalist
    criminal minds
    & skins are also good ones.

  12. If you like Dexter give Six Feet Under a try! it has Michael C. Hall in it as well! :D It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is also great!!! :D

  13. I love Big Love. I don't find many people who have ever watched it, but I am addicted. It's a super interesting perspective on the polygamous life style. It's a good show.

  14. I don't know if you like scary/murder mystery type stuff but there was a show called Harper's Island on Netflix for a while (not sure if it still is or not) but I started watching it and got SO addicted. It was only made to be a one season show but I thought it was amazing! I want to go buy it and watch it all over again.

    That 70's Show is my favorite show EVER. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.

    I also really got into Nip/Tuck. I have all the seasons but haven't watched them all yet.

    Hopefully that helps! :)

  15. Oh gosh, PLEASE watch the L word. I loved it so much; but you totally have to watch it from the begining if you can find it. Weeds was a little touch and go there for a while but I'm excited about season 6!

    The Office is always my favorite, even though this last season wasn't as funny I still watched.

    Supernatural is EPIC! I watch my box sets over and over.

    Pushing Dasies was so sweet and lovely and fun! too bad it ended so soon.

    Criminal minds and Breaking Bad are also fantastic!

    Have fun Netflixing!

    xo, Kyla

  16. dont watch trueblood, the only reason why people keep coming back is because each episode sucks up until the last 5 minutes where they make it so you HAVE to watch the next episode to find out what happens.. its like a train wreck, there are two trains, for 35 minutes you are watching the trains ride safely through the wilderness, and in the last 5 minutes you notice they are most likely going to hit eachother, but before you actually see them hit, they shut off the show and make you watch next weeks show..

    yeah... terrible

    nip/tuck was good for like the first season, maybe the second but when little people started having sex changes and the main characters son wanted to be a mime... yeah.. no thanks...

    im really over the "LOST" hype.. i heard the finale wasnt even that great.

    fringe, jesus i love that show, it really brings out the "X-FILES" child in me.

    HOUSE is a given, but houses attitude gets a little obnoxious after a while so only watch 3 episodes at a time.

    i like Bones every now and then..

    id say you should catch up on some fringe, dont touch the vampire diaries even thought the acting is slightly better then trueblood.

    p.s i have completely put off dexter the last season simply because i cannot wait for the new season to begin. If i have to wait another couple of months i refuse to watch it lol... love watching shows in bulk.

  17. OH MY GOSH EMILY! your mind will be blown with the season 4 finale of dexter! its driving me insane! i want to rewatch all 4 seasons before it comes back on september becasue thast how pumped i am haha

  18. I absolutely love Leverage,Bones,and The Gates. You should watch them. (: Their like amazing to me.

  19. I'm with you, I just do NOT get the appeal of True Blood, I think it's crap.

    My absolute favourites are Criminal minds and Skins!

  20. Oh I love and miss the L Word so so much.
    Hopefully you'll like it. (:
    I love Criminal Minds, Bones and Carnivale also. :D

  21. Dexter! I absolutely love Dexter. I've also been told to watch True Blood, since most of my friends like it.
    Since you like dramas, I would recommend Lost, House, Criminal Minds, Bones, Chuck, Skins, and Pushing Daisies. Also, if you like Michael C.Hall, he is also fantastic in Six Feet Under. Great show.

  22. The Office is the ultimate answer to fine television. I also enjoy Gossip Girl, The L Word, and Weeds (but I only watched the first two and a half seasons).

  23. Journeyman on hulu, it's a great show, i swear.

  24. Glee, Dexter, little mosque on the prairie (i think you can only find it on youtube & it's more of a quirky show, me and chris got really addicted to it), and my all time fave - arrested development, i still rent the seasons from the library and watch them over and over, and just laugh my little head off!

  25. oh and i was gonna say, i use to watch the L word.

  26. Okay I watch the biggest pile of junk around lol. There’s Doctor Who (I think you get this on BBC America but it’s the season finale soon so you might want to start with the Chris Eccleston Episodes if you haven’t seen any lol – David T is the best since the re-launch but Matt is getting better lol)

    Next up is Bones (which apparently Miike has been watching – I was looking as his picture of the day) I love Bones – Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz are genius together. (The season finale for S5 was on a few weeks ago so you need to catch up quick lol)

    NCIS – Abby is one of my faves! She’s awesome! I wish I worked in an office where I could have my music on as loud as she does lol. McGee is cool as well – Ducky is the token English person – believe me we don’t all talk like him lol.

    What else? Oh Lie to Me, Grey’s Anatomy – when I find which channel it’s on I’m going to start watching Private Practice – yes this is a stupidly long comment and I am going to stop there although there is probably a whole bunch more that I could suggest lol.

  27. OH! I missed The Mentalist - Jane is so quirky and Van Pelt and Rigsby so belong together!

  28. Breaking Bad is pretty good. Also, I know it's not current but Arrested Development is a classic and definitely worth checking out if you haven't done so already.

    To be fair, nothing I mention is ever going to top Dexter...can't wait for season 5!


  29. I never watched any shows religiously until my parents had HBO a few years ago... if you love quirky comedies and music, you will absolutely adore Flight of the Conchords. Seriously, it's great! I'm not one to watch TV but this show is too funny.

    I know both the seasons are on DVD and I think they're debating signing on for a season 3 still.

    (To clarify, it's not a musical like Glee or anything; it's about 2 guys in a indie-folk band... it's so funny)

  30. Oh and I love love loveee United States Of Tara!!!! I don't know if they showed season 2 yet cause I'm not in the US anymore BUT the first one was so so good. You should definitely check it out. :D

  31. OH MY G O G!



  32. i really like Supernatural, It's always sunny in Philly, Veronica Mars, LOST, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, and my guilty pleasure The Vampire Diaries.

    I only watched the first season of Dexter on dvd a few weeks ago, i really need to watch more of it!

  33. have you watched breaking bad? it is nail-biting, sofa-grabbing intense but Oh. So. AWESOME!

    I am a huge SciFi/Mystery/Horror Geek, Battlestar, Buffy/Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and Veronica Mars are just some of my faves.
    As for comedy I reccomand the IT crowed (UK), My Name is Earl (first two seasons) and Big Bang Theory.
    I still have to catch up with True Blood. People are telling me it's great, for me, season one was crack and fun to watch but a little too much bloodplay for my taste (and normally I don't mind that at all) lol
    have fun
    xoxo Trish

  34. arrested development(I'm surprised you haven't watched that before honestly!), Glee, Skins(but give it a few episodes before you decide if you like or don't like, it takes a few), Trueblood(I think this is another one where you need to watch at least a couple episodes, but the accents are BAD), dead like me.... I'm not a big tv watcher, I usually just throw on CSI in the background if I watch anything!

  35. jane: i've seen (and own) several seasons of arrested development, but its not exactly what i'm looking for right now. i watched glee every week but im looking for something i can get hooked on and watch in bulk haha (several seasons being available). i liked AD alright but i'm looking for something else). I have no desire to give TB another chance... too hokey for me. :)

  36. Skins, for sure. One of the most intense shows I've ever watched, but you come to feel like you know and love the characters.
    Six Feet Under, absolute favorite. You must watch.
    And, I gotta say, try out the L word. I watch all six seasons in the last month in half. It starts off a bit slow and the ending was eh but otherwise I really enjoyed it.

  37. - A whole post inspired by your post

  38. breaking bad!
    I just started watching it like 5 days ago and I'm already 4 episodes into season 3!

  39. skins and damages! also, start at s1 for the l word... up to s3 is good but after that its so ridiculous its almost not worth it.

  40. oh and agree with someone who said Big Love! also Californication!

  41. My favorites:

    Ugly Betty [which just finished up with a series finale this past season--sob!]
    Desperate Housewives [which is really awesome in the beginning, but kinda fizzles out to today's season]
    30 Rock
    Lie To Me [so interesting, because the science behind it is totally LEGIT!]
    Gossip Girl
    America's Next Top Model
    Project Runway

    -Sarah Winters

  42. Also, side note: Lie To Me's 1st season is watch instantly on netflix right now :)

    And then the end of Season 2 is on hulu. So you'd only need to get a few disks in between.

  43. Okay, this comment is super late (I recently found your blog, so I'm just getting around to entries now in my GoogleReader! Sorry.) but here are some shows:

    Dead Like Me
    Breaking Bad
    United States of Tara
    Six Feet Under

    They're all sooooo goooood! Haha.


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