A Cute Proposal

SussanahBean posted this a few days ago and I thought it was THE cutest thing in the entire world. Then someone went and left it in Mike's FormSpring so I figured I'd throw it up on my blog and share with any of you who hadn't seen it yet!

I'll be back later today with a survey I was tagged for by Emilie! Now I need to get ready and hop on the subway to take Mike to the airport. I'm sad he's leaving but he'll come back and visit soon. Plus, he needs to get home to sweet Georgia!



  1. Ugh I still think that's the cutest thing! Totally ridiculous and adorable.


  2. Oh my gosh the end with all the note cards got me haha. Thanks so much for sharing I'm a sucker for that stuff.

  3. i love those note cards - it's like in Love Actually.

    Then again imagine how heartbroken and embarassed he would have been if she'd said no (sorry will be sweet now)

    Thats so adorable!

  4. Wow that really is the cutest thing ever. I actually teared up watching this.

  5. aww that is so cute, I think I would be scared if that happened to me though

  6. Ahahaha, I bawled my eyes out watching that! How sweet, and hilarious! How's Georgia doing? Getting any closer with the surgery money?

  7. Completely crying after watching that video. So amazingly sweet. Why haven't I found a guy like that?!


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