MIXTAPE MONDAY: it's monday (obviously)

(click title to download)

This week's mix is a bit moody and broody. Very reminiscent of the London photo sported on the cover. BTW, the photographs are from maximilianclark's Flickr photostream. It's a limited collection but beautiful nonetheless. Effortlessly perfect for this list of tunes.

I should mention, however, this mix has nothing to do with the weather here in sunny NYC. It's not the usual place you'd think of with scorching heat and humidity that makes you want to walk around naked (actually, this sounds like home... sweet ol' Tennessee) but right now we're experiencing a mega heat wave. It's only 86F here (and an unbelievable 97F in Nashville! That feels like 107!) so my heart goes out to Mike and everyone back in the south. I'll appreciate my air conditioning just a litttttttle bit more now!


PS: Last week's mix got duhhhleteddddd. Luh-luh-LAMEEE. My b, y'all! Bummer bears because it was a seriously legit mix (if I DO say so myself... and I do.) But seriously... if you dig the single tune from the bands on the mix, go buy their albums via iTunes, Rhapsody or whatever-the-heck-else you snazzy inteneters use!


  1. aww yay! I am so excited Between the Trees made your mixtape for the week. I don't know if you have gotten the chance to see them live but if you haven't you should def make a real effort. They sound great, and they are really nice,friendly guys... And not bad to look at ;o)

  2. Love this album cover art.

    Also, sent good vibes towards baby G this morning!

    PS. It is truly disgusting here. Seriously. Can we get some global cooling in Tennessee? haha.

  3. you've inspired me to go buy the first season of dexter... if it's no good, I'm gonna blame you.


  4. Ashley: OMGGG you will NOT regret it! if the first episode doenst do it for you, push through to the second one! i stopped after the first episode when i bought the season and didnt watch it for 2 years! i dont know hwo i could have been soo dumb! you might want to rent it or get it on netflix before you buy it... just in case you do hate it. though i've never talked to anyone who hasnt been addicted! SOOO GOOD! im tempted to watch all 4 seasons over again before season 5 starts! ha

  5. I love your blog Kaelah! I gave you a blog award! Check it out: http://kendradiaries.blogspot.com/


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