new look around here!

hey y'all! exciting fun times to be had! i'm still a wee bit under the weather, and i skipped out on Print 2 today to be alerted of my awesome "~Sinus Infection"... ladeedahh! but luckily i'm already feeling a bit better so hopefully i'll continue to be on the upswing of things!

i didnt take a lot of time to blog today because between the almost-fever, the feeling like i'm going to die, and the headaches, i've just wanted to rest. but i managed to work on my Print 2 book for 6 hours and take a hot hot bath [Georgia jumped in, too].

i took a little time to work on new blog buttons [3 new designs on the right side!] and a new blog header! please take a minute to change out the blog button if you'd like. i realize they're a little more visually interesting than the horrible hack job i did in flash for the GIF one. i promise to have a new and improve GIF animated banner up shortly!

so yes! please choose one of your liking and let me know how you feel about the new blog banner! i'm going to be doing a whole new CSS layout over the next few weeks and finally phase out what i've got now. i need 2 side panels so it's time to get a crackin!

hope your'e having a great week! we went & stocked up on food as per my mother's request since we're supposed to get "snow and ice" this weekend. bleh, hope i can still make it to work!



  1. ummmm yer cute. lol i love the new design. i liked the yellowy beehive lookin' background you used to have too but i'm sure you'll come up with something equally adorable. kudos on the 6 hours of productivity (i seriously do not know how you do it), and i really hope you feel better because sinus infections SUCK! <3

  2. i love the buttons. and the banner is especially adorable. go you!

  3. oh I love your new blog banner and buttons!!!! love love!!!!!! great job!!!
    P.S are you still going to be able to send out vday cards by Saturday? plz reply on my blog so I dont miss your reply :) thanks girlie!!

  4. I love your new banner and buttons! Your hair is gorgeous!!!


  5. Your new layout is so cute!! Great work! :)

  6. I love your blot title and buttons. I think I'm gonna switch out your animated one for one of your new ones :)

    Hope you feel better soon! :)

  7. i love your header's typeface!!! mind letting me know what's the name of it? thanks!


  8. That dress is so cute! I love the color

  9. ha! I'm talking about your header picture by the way! haha

  10. I didn't see what your blog looked like before this but I'm loving what you've got going on right now!

  11. rach: which typeface would you like to know?! there are three different ones used in the header image :D

    either way, they are as follows:

    little chief: MamaeQueNosFaz
    honeybee: antidotes
    the silly blog of: happy phantom

    hope that helps!


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