Things I Love Thursday [FRIDAY version]!

i just feel that it's necessary to tell you up front how much i love the following photos. most don't even need an explaination. but i'll explain if i feel it requires haha

(click on each picture to view it full size if you can't read it)

sorry if this is slightly inappropriate. but i LOVE sharks, obviously. and it was just funny. okay!

this may or may not be true. i'd like to think that it's very accurate ;)

happy birthday, sad cat. i love you.

quite possibly one of the best pictures ive ever seen ever. my love for SHARKS AND SUPER MARIO?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! LOVE!

love this memorial for MJ.

found these awesome food cupcakes courtesy of Lindsey's blog.

a smores keyboard! i don't eat anything here but this is still insanely epic!

this reminds me of mike and myself. we occassionally do very odd things just for laughs. probably why we're dating each other... no one else would date us.

please click on this to read it bigger. its is FULL OF WIN. i love this. this is the kind of passive note i'd leave someone.

what are you loving this week?!


  1. The goat properly did me in. I can't stop laughing.

  2. the goat was def one of my faves, too! i just love macros like that! gah! :D

  3. I actually know someone who went to ocean city, carried around a inflatable shark and kept screaming "I'm a shark, suck my dick". Thought you might enjoy that.

    Macros are so funny.
    Same with the laundry letter.

    Oh and PS, I'm starting that 31dtabb tonight! Thanks for the link. (:


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