and so it is Wednesday...

i feel so BLAH because i dont have any photos to bring to the table for this entry. text only? boring! oh well. i'll do it anyway. i allowed myself to sleep in until 10:30am this morning as i turned off my alarm at 9. thats what i do! luckily i dont have class on mondays or wednesdays until 1pm so it was no big deal. but i got up, got ready, and got to campus at noon. i had to organize things to show my portfolio professor so we could choose 6-7 projects for me to work on through the semester. print design 2 started at 1pm and we talked about our first project... a how-to book. keeping with normal tradition, i love to design with an overload of femininity. lace, pinks, blues, browns and cremes. bring it on! i was thinking about designing a book about vegan baking or maybe crafty things... but i dont know. suggestions, anyone?! class concluded fairly early and my portfolio review wasnt until 3pm so i sat around, talked with elle and ashlea and merissa, and finally made my way into jeff's office. i was in there for half an hour and we had a fairly easy time choosing what all i'd redo. lets just say my portfolio is going to very... diverse. :) i'll share my progress.

after that i headed out and went to grab something to eat. it was 3:45 by the time i got out of school and i hadn't eaten a bite. i ran by kroger to get some staples like soup and OJ for the sickly beau back home, grabbed some chips & salsa from our favorite mexcian restaurant, Garcia's, and saw our oh-so-super-sweet and very favorite waitress, Alma. she's SUCH a doll! you jsut don't even understand. she greeted me with a big big hug and the most inviting smile! ah i just love her! we talked for about 10 minutes or so and i promised to bring her one of my tulle & lace bows next time because she was admiring it :D i headed home and lazed around with mike for the better part of the night. [here it is 10:30pm and we havent done much... it still feels like break!] i dont have class at all tomorrow luckily so i'm going to laze around a bit more, try to do some tutorial videos and finally go get my keys to my new PO Box.

BY THE WAY.... [please read! super important to me!]

thats another thing i wanted to share with you guys... and open you up to... in my Print 2 class we have to make a designer coffee table book. well... if we really like what we design, we have the opportunity to actually print/publish it ourselves. i'd really love to make this happen because it'd really REALLY be awesome to take on portfolio reviews. well the whole theme [i still dont have a name for it] is "THINGS THAT MAKE YOUR HEART FLUTTER"... so it could be a polaroid of a place or person you adore, a picture of you as a child, you and your family, a drawing that your little cousin did for you, or maybe a picture of something you've created, built, or written. maybe a note from an exboyfriend or current boyfriend, or a birthday card that means a lot to you! anything at all! but along with it you will hand write on a white piece of paper your name, your age, your location [city, state] and WHY THIS MAKES YOUR HEART FLUTTER. feel free to include your blog link or your website if you wish. free publicity! but i also need a signature stating that you are OKAY with this being published! [the book probably will not be mass produced or anything.. i mean.. hey, i'd be okay with it! but this is really just a project i'd love to do for fun].

you can either send it in an envelope addressed to my new PO BOX or you can do a Hi-Resolution Scan [AT LEAST 300 dpi] and burn it on a disc and mail it to me [or you can attempt to email it, too.. though that tends to not be the best method]. i understand if you dont want to part with a legitimate photo or polaroid or note, etc. so i DO accept scans! i dotn know how many pages the book will be yet, but i'd really really reallyyyyyyyyy love it to be AT LEAST 50 pages! so please please please help spread the word! i'm going to design a flier so if you'd be willing to post it on your blogs, myspaces, etc, i'd be eternally grateful!

i'll post back tomorrow with my PO Box address and we can go from there! i'd really love to hear if any of you are willing to participate! :D

tonight we laid up in bed after cooking vegan banana waffles [SO GOOD!] and watched a few episodes of GLEE [so love that show!]. now we're just gonna kick it for a bit and that'll be that! yay! happy wednesday!



  1. i have something just perfect for your book.

  2. i have a picture that i took.
    unfortunately i dont have the original and the one i have has been re-sized/watermarked.

    but i would LOVE to send it..but i don't know how to get my signature on it but i feel its okay for you to have it.

    would that be okay?
    i think the only way to send it is via email though :/

  3. gwendolyn: do you have a scanner or could you take it to FedEx Kinkos & have them scan it at 300dpi on a jumpdrive? if so, you can email it that way. and just take a piece of printer paper, write why its important to you, your name, age and location, and then down below just add your signature :) you can email it to kaelahbee [at] gmail [dot] com.

  4. Aww the project sounds amazing, i'm sure you'll ace it!
    Id love to help, ill look at some pics / notes from the bf.
    Iv also got a blog banner
    If you wanna add it to your page, that would be superrr, if not its cool, your banner won't move from my page :)

    Anywayy point being I would love to help you.

  5. thank you mandy! you're so sweet! ill add it to my page tonight! :D

  6. OMG.. what yaer are you on in your schooling.. I am also a greaphic design major and that is a super exciting project dear. WOW.. i wil most deff. think of some idesas for you.. right now i am in my typography class so i cant raelly take the time to do so..but tomorrowi most deff. will.. i wish yout he best of luch and omg its going to be an awesome book.. :) best wishes...


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