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Roadtrip Essentials - Kaelah Bee
We're headed to Florida in just 3 days and I'm ecstatic! We're driving the RV (and towing the Jeep behind) so we'll be able to lounge around on the bed/couch while haulin' down the interstate. Just knowing that we won't be cramped up in one small SUV (like last year in my Xterra) makes me breathe a sweet sigh of relief! I've been trying to plan what I'll be packing, but let's be honest here - I'm a last minute kind of gal... I don't even have the first thing sorted out haha! Instead I just waste time making lists like this. It's all good! Here are my summer roadtrip essentials!

You know what I mean... the ones that sit lightly on your nose and don't make your face sweat. Haha I really love the shape of these, and tortoise is my far my favorite shade!

2 // Headphones!
It's inevitable that someone is going to want to listen to music you're just not into (this is especially true if you're traveling with family... which we are. Love you, Mom!). Sometimes it's nice to just quietly jam out by yourself. (I guess my family doesn't love female singer/songwriters as much as I do... heh)

Maxi dresses are perfect for roadtrips. You still feel free and comfy, but you're also covered up. I like to put my feet up on the dash (totes dangerous, I know) but I don't want to flash all of the truck drivers we pass. Maxis are the best of both worlds, yea? This black and white number would be perfect with bright accessories! (Real talk: I picked up 4 lightweight, cotton sundresses at Walmart of all places the other day... $9! They're so comfortable and perfect for lounging by the pool or whatever. I love them!)

4 // Sandals
Saltwaters are the perfect example of a comfy Summer shoe! You might end up with some interesting tan lines, but at least you won't get blisters! (I really like that the leather is stretchy enough to just slip on rather than unbuckling 'em to wear!) #lazylyf

5 // Tote bag
An oversized tote bag is the perfect Summer bag! Toss in your beach blanket, sandy shoes, and a bottle of water. Pick up some fresh fruit from a roadside stand. Load it up with souvenirs from the boardwalk! Bonus points if it's loud and bright like this one!

6 // iPad + iPhone
Games, Netflix, and Spotify (hey #8!) are just a few reasons why these gadgets are the perfect roadtrip companions. You can also snap some quick on-the-road photos for your customized hashtag on Instagram! (Yeah, you know what I'm talking about!) You have to Instagram the crap out of your trip. otherwise it didn't happen, right?! ;)

Mike and I are film photographers at heart and we love us some fancy photo lab processing... but disposable cameras have this raw, unfiltered feeling about them! Even the grainy, out of focus photos can be treasured memories. I love to purposefully alter the functionality of disposables in order to get cool effects. Plus it's neat to develop them after your trip and sort of relive all of the captured moments!

8 // Spotify!
Spotify is essential for any road trip! The $10 "Premium" account is worth every penny. That way your entire Library (and the entire Spotify database) is available on your phone/iPad in the car! No need to spend your pennies at iTunes!

9 // Scarves
Lightweight scarves are the perfect summer accessory because you can tie your hair up, wear it as a swimsuit coverup, use it as an impromptu pillow or blanket, or top off any casual outfit for a jaunt around town. Don't limit yourself to wearing scarves only in the wintertime!

10 // (Guilty Pleasure) Beverages
Gotta stay hydrated, right?! Roadtrips are a fun excuse to indulge just a little bit! My roadtrip indulgences are totally SunDrop and iced coffee! Mike prefers Red Bull (but I hate the smell so much! Can't be in the same car with it haha!)

11 // Truck stop blankets!
Am I the only person who really really loves the cheap truck stop blankets that you can get for like $6?! They're so cheap and usually really pretty! They make great beach/picnic blankets, too. And you don't have to feel guilty about ruining an expensive/sentimental quilt.

12 // Swimsuit
If you're headed to the beach or anywhere with a pool, a rad bathing suit is a must! I love this retro inspired two-piece! Sunbathing in style!

13 // Snacks!
Just like my guilty pleasure drinks, I've got my snack choices, too! Mike is all about the sour gummy worms, and I love me some Cheez-its!

I usually limit my tabloid reading (err, buying) to three occasions: at the gym, on the road, or at the tattoo shop. I've had an Us Weekly subscription for nearly 2 years now and it's one of the only tabloids I don't feel guilty reading haha

15 // Cash moneyyyy!
Gotta have some cash on hand for the little roadside stands and mom-and-pop type shops you might run across. You don't want to miss the chance to pick up some local, fresh fruit or that uber tacky (but amazing!) souvenir at the truck stop.

I'd say that's a pretty comprehensive list of what I like to throw into my bags. How about you? Feel free to share some of your absolute, must have, summer roadtrip essentials in the comments below! You might help me remember something I forgot! xo


  1. I love your list and support the purchase of tacky truck stop souvenirs.

  2. Trashy tabloids are the best!!! I didn't see that one with lauren conrad though... major girl crush there!

  3. Your list completely echoes what I would take! That Still haven't found the comfy pair of sunglasses though... I feel it will be a lifelong search, along with my hunt for the perfect white sunhat and the right pair of jeans that doesn't give me fat ass/stumpy leg issues. Never mind, the joy is meant to be in the journey right?

  4. Yuur roadtrip sounds like so much fun! It's definitely not my style (we tried once.. it ended about 2 hours in), but just reading your list kind of makes me want to drive down an interstate somewhere. I'll be taking the train to Vienna in just 11 days (!!), and one of the things I'm most excited for is trashy magazines haha
    Hope yall have fun!! xx

  5. Ah i'm so jealous you're off on holiday! I've got to wait until August until my trip to Poland! It seems so far away. I'm hearing you on the retro swin suit - anything that sucks in my love handles is a winner! I love high waisted bottoms!

  6. FYI: I am from Florida, so please watch the weather reports for the next few days. We are having a bit of a tropical storm warning going on. What part of Florida are you going to? If Orlando, I just got back from there, and from my understanding the rain hit every part of Florida except Orlando!
    I highly recommend a lot of loose dresses, sandals, and no make-up.

  7. I'm a little different, I tend to makes lists weeks before I need them and then by the time comes around I need to completely re-do the list, ha. I'm going on a road trip with my family at the end of August, so this kind of list is fun to make! I can't wait for vacation :)


  8. Aww I love the maxi dress and bikini!! <3

  9. Pretty perfect list! Love the dress! =)

    Have fun in Florida!

  10. My list is your list! I have have have to always have music and snacks, for sure. They're my main ones.

    xo Brandi- Cupcakes and Curves

  11. My boyfriend loves Red Bull as well, and I can't stand the smell of the stuff either! But to each their own and if he's happy, I'm happy.

    Here's to road trippin' with those you love!

  12. These are all SO great! I love stopping at truck stops. I think it drives my husband nuts he likes to stay on schedule and I like to browse ;)

    Red Bull is my one vice on a long trip, coffee won't cut it.

  13. Haha! Very true. I usually limit my magazine reading to airport/airplanes and beauty shops/waiting rooms so I get you on the tabloid thing!

  14. My husband and I make a yearly 33 hour drive from the sub arctic to our visit our families down south, it is quite the epic adventure. My essentials are solar chargers for all my tech accessories, running out of juice on my iPod would be the end of the world. Also, I really love funny audiobooks too for when my passenger falls asleep, nothing like listening to Mindy Kaling crack jokes to keep you awake. And of course baby wipes are essential for sticky fingers.

    Have a blast!


  15. I'm easily addicted to diet sundrop. That shit is just TOO good.

  16. Oh me and Sundrop. I remember when I could not get Sundrop in Georgia. When we would go through Alabama I would seriously load up on like 6 bottles..... I had to make it last lol. I love gummy worms too.


  17. My husband and I drive from Maryland to St Petersburg, FL every summer and to St Augustine in the winter - so usually between 12-14 hrs in an Accord each way - and we haven't killed each other yet. My absolute must-haves are those little travel-sized cans of lysol from target, baby wipes to wipe smeared mascara and drool off my face when I wake up from naps between driving, a good oversized hoodie and a giant bag of twizzlers. Stopping at outlets - like the ones in Orlando - makes it more fun. And it's also completely necessary to stop at Waffle House because we don't have one within 45 minutes from home. ...Now I'm just going to be thinking about Waffle House all day:(

  18. Yes yes yes - except that I need iced coffee in a cup that is bigger than my head haha



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