// Things I Love Thursday v.144

Phew! I skipped over TiLT last week since we were so wrapped up in our vacation. I wanted to work on a post at the coffee shop, but honestly, these things take like 4 hours to compile! I try to make it a habit to rustle up a few different things throughout the week, but I'm really bad about leaving it until the last minute. At least that way I can include the most relevant and recent links, yeah? Let's go with that! Here's my favorite things from the past 2 weeks... Enjoy!

♥ this is the bet gif in the history of gifs. GET IT GURL! ♥
♥ i love this photo + this whole project/series
this bunny! ♥
these pretty flowers ♥
this. WUT?! haha ♥
this is hilarious and scary! ♥
this cat dressed as a shark, riding a roomba, chasing a duckling. ♥
♥ i love everything about this photo. the model, the styling + those bright colors! ♥
this piglet and the puppies! ♥

// The Sandlot: Then (1993) and Now (2013). You're killin' me, Smalls!

// This post by Questlove really opens your eyes about how it feels be a minority. Granted you can't really know what it's like unless you experience it yourself, but his words were pretty powerful.

// In really important Parks and Recreation news, Henry Winkler will play Jean-Ralphio's dad! YES! Also, Aubrey Plaza is April Ludgate! So good! (Thanks for the links, Michelle!)

// 15 Awesome, Useful Internet Tricks.

// Jamie has been blogging about her family trip to Branson! Susannah and I talked a few weeks ago about maybe making that our spot for this year's "annual girl trip" provided we can swing it! (We went to Indianapolis last year and got matching tattoos!)

// Erin is a stone cold fox and Karen shared some random bits of info about herself! I love random facts! Oh and I love this purple on purple outfit from Sophie!

// Wishlist Wears: I'm crazy into this royal blue color right now! (but this snazzy dress also comes in red!) // these two-tone flats! // these sunglasses are on point! // THIS DRESS IS AN OWL! // AND THIS DRESS HAS A GIANT PENCIL ON IT! // this dress makes me want to frolic in fields // these lace oxfords are the bomb dot com // peachy-pink platform wedges! // i've never been a camo girl, but i really like this camo jacket // and these floral cluster rings!

// The LuLu*s blog is KILLIN' IT lately!

// The Amazing Thing That Happened When I Decided To Be Nice. I loved this so much, and I need to put it into practice more often.

// OutCityLights: Blog Posts I Regret. I feel ya, girl! (Seriously, Diana is one of my favorite ladies and 90% of my Twitter favorites are comprised of her tweets. Gold!)

// YUM! This creamy avocado dip looks so tasty!

// If you're getting married and planning on having "out of towners" as guests, Tera shared their guest bags! So so cute!

// Kintage is currently offering FREE domestic shipping from now til July 31st! You can snag their deal of the week which is this gorgeous lace and chartreuse chiffon maxi!

// One quick thing before I sign off of here - I wanted to thank all of you for your comments, tweets, emails and texts yesterday after I published that somewhat intimidating post. I was a bit disheartened that so many fellow bloggers (and "friends") were so quick to drop me - unfollow and then passively/vaguely post about the whole thing. But so many of you expressed your gratitude for knowing the truth, and you shared your experiences with her, too. So many people have been taken advantage of and that's simply not okay! I understand that a lot of people would rather stay silent instead of rocking the boat, but so many of those people are makers themselves. They're the very people Mandy so regularly knocked off. Behavior like that is what makes people hesitant to share the truth, and if the truth isn't out there, change can never come. Anyway, I know yesterday was a bit of an uproar, but thanks for sticking it out with me. I value all of your comments and I appreciate you sharing your bit of the story with me! Hopefully I won't have to write a post like that for another 2 years or more! haha

What are you loving this week?


  1. I KNOW RIGHT. That gif is magical.

    Like I said on twitter, I really do think that you'll see some of the people who dropped you just quietly add you back after things die down. Bloggers who monetize often reeeeeeeally sanitize themselves and nobody wants to risk losing ad revenue if they stop watering down their opinions/lives to fit what they think their readers want to see. It's one of the reasons you are such a refreshing, awesome blog to read; I know what I'm reading is your opinion, and you're forthright and I never feel like you've watered yourself down.

  2. I was waiting for this TILT :)
    I really love this post.
    Don't worry Kaelah I'm here to support you :) wink

  3. that first gif had me almost rofl (haha) for reals when you posted it on twitter!


  4. Thank you for sharing these. So many of these just made my heart swell (those kids talking about the Cheerios commercial? SO amazing.).

    Thanks for getting my day off to a great start!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. If you ever make a trip to Branson you HAVE to visit Silver Dollar City... it's such a fun theme park!

  6. Oh man I missed that last post. TO THE ARCHIVES

  7. bahaha! I love that dancing photo and the flowers are so beautiful!!
    PS I totally missed yesterday's post so I had to go back and read it! I stopped following Mandy's blog + twitter a loooong time ago so I hadn't heard about this! I love the post you wrote and I 100% agree with you! I love the way you stand up for what you believe in and that you write with such passion!! Keep up the good work Kealah!!! xoxo

  8. if you guys go to branson, i go twice a year and can try to help by giving you as many pointers as i can! its super fun though, if you like kitchy pg country fun lol

  9. I'm exactly the same, I'm always last minute with my Flights Of Fancy posts! I love that bunny pic, I just want to rub it's tiny tummy! :D

  10. Haha, first gif makes me smile :)))

  11. so much amazingness!


  12. Hahaha I love the Cosby gif!

  13. I completely just died with that picture of the piglet and dogs!!! I am such a sucker for a cute puppy picture but throw in the piglet and I am gone.
    Really great Tilt finds!


  14. That cat dressing up as a shark is BRILLIANT! You've done the right thing standing up to Mandy because if you didnt, she will constantly get away with the stuff she did to us, the makers especially. I am myself an artist and struggle enough to run my own business yet she, not even an artist or real designer (why did she put up "100% handmade, with a great care of Mandy Ferrugia" when they aren't, gosh!) has a successful business, ripping people off. Hats off to you. My respect for her has dropped to zilch.

  15. All the cute animals! <3 My heart's melting. Also, the what you're expecting in your 20s vs reality post is brilliant.. and unfortunately true :( So many good links I'm about to die. Too much to do and see!

    xo Ashley

  16. I love that GURL GIF for so many reasons! Growing up in the ghetto, I know EXACTLY what that face is! "Whatchu gon' do?!" and the fact that the other girl is just standing there. Plus, the whole thing over the weekend, *I can't!* I'm done. I can't stop laughing. :D

  17. What am I loving this week? YOU! :)

    And also that Cosby gif because obviously.

  18. Girl! I literally live a stones throw from Branson and have a place on the lake, LET ME KNOW if y'all come this way! I've got all sorts of recommendations for ya, plus we can make this meet up actually happen :)

  19. Girl! I literally live a stones throw from Branson and have a place on the lake, LET ME KNOW if y'all come this way! I've got all sorts of recommendations for ya, plus we can make this meet up actually happen :)

  20. Branson is...alright. There are some decent things, like Silver Dollar City, and my husband and I are close friends with the guy who won best show in Branson last year (He does Johnny Cash and John Denver), as well as the couple who owns a fantastic restaurant, Florentina's. It's a little too touristy in most places, but very kid-friendly.


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