// Dating Yourself (+10 Cheap and Easy Ideas!)

What's the last, nice thing you did for yourself "just because" you deserved it? Last week I decided I wanted something to brighten up my living room so I bought myself flowers. Just a cheap, $5 bouquet of pink florals, but that little bouquet made a world of difference. I enjoyed trimming the stems and preparing my vase once I got home. I allowed myself 10 or 15 minutes to just experience the process. And when I found a little home for them on our entertainment center, I snapped a quick photo to share my own personal sunshine online. Maybe that sounds like a weird way to go about things, but that small, tiny gift to myself improved my mood tenfold that day. And I wanted to share that with others to inspire them to treat themselves! I realized that I deserved those flowers and I didn't need to wait around for anyone to buy them for me. Don't get me wrong, Mike used to shower me with flowers on the regular, and now he'll still surprise me every once and again. But why should I wait for someone else to give them to me? Fresh flowers make me so happy, and I owe it to myself to be inspired while I live and work. And so do you!

Maybe your last gift to yourself was a manicure (either in a salon or at home!), a new book, or even a long, uninterrupted bath. We don't have to shower ourselves with grand gestures or elaborate gifts... sometimes something so small can make such a difference. Sometimes we have to supply our own sunshine in life.

Here are a few cheap and easy ways to date yourself!

  1. Enjoy a long, relaxing bath. Maybe throw in some bath bombs or bubbles, and light some candles to set the mood. Bonus points if you treat yourself to a glass of wine, too!
  2. Spend some time giving yourself a fresh new manicure! Try a new color or get artsy with some DIY designs.
  3. Cook yourself a nice meal! Whether you have a household to feed or just yourself, spending time trying a new recipe that just sounds delicious can be a great treat!
  4. Browse your local library, bookstore or even Amazon for a new-to-you book to read. Get lost for a few hours. Don't feel guilty if it's a cheeky chick-lit book! (Those are my favorite!)
  5. Write yourself a little love letter or pep talk. Kara did a really cool version of this and I love the outcome! You can always go back to it when you need a boost!
  6. Buy yourself some flowers! This is obviously my favorite way to treat myself because I feel like it really adds to my environment. There's something so dreamy about fresh flowers! You can even pick them from the side of the road.
  7. Treat yourself to a matinee movie date! Is there a film you've been wanting to see? Go! Why not right?! I love settling in for a movie with my own popcorn and drink. It's such a great 90-minute escape from the daily grind.
  8. Learn a new skill or hobby! Workshops and classes are all over the place these days! Both online and off, it's so easy to find a class that helps you learn a new skill. Everything from weaving to jewelry design and sewing, and even things like web coding... This "date" is a great way to invest in your interests and your future. You might even find a new passion!
  9. Go to your local animal shelter and spend some time with the animals. You can volunteer to walk the dogs, feed the cats, etc. Not only will you be making the day of the animals in the shelter, but you'll also get those warm fuzzy feelings from being surrounded by precious little furry friends.
  10. Have a little impromptu photoshoot with yourself! Maybe this one sounds silly and self-indulgent, but just think about how good a new, gorgeous profile photo makes you feel! Find your favorite outfit, throw on some lipstick (if that's your kind of thing), and snap some selfies! Celebrate your beauty and set the tone for your online presence.
Whatever you do this week, just remember to date yourself! Treat yourself kindly and enjoy the little things. Don't wait for someone else to do it. 

What's your favorite way to "date" yourself? Today I'm going to spend time giving myself a mani/pedi, and maybe later this week I'll take myself on a froyo date. Why not, right?!


  1. I am intensely lame. My favorite way to "date" myself - when Jason is out hanging with some guy friends or I just have the house to myself for whatever reason - is to take a scalding hot bubble bath and listen to the musicals I know he hates, haha. And watch Twin Peaks. Because he hates that show, too.

  2. I love this! I think it's a great idea to pamper yourself or take a little time for yourself every now and again. We spend so much time taking care of other people, but we should remember to take care of ourselves too. :)

  3. I mean...did you really not include a TREAT YO'SELF GIF?!


  4. Such a great idea. I think when I started dating my husband I had this idea of romance that I couldn't "enjoy" things unless they came from my husband. Like he should want to take me to a movie that he has no interest in just to be sweet to me. He should get me flowers just because. After a while I learned I had to do things to make me happy too. So much like you it's usually treating myself to a good novel, pedicure, or even some flowers.

  5. This is an awesome post and makes me feel so empowered. You GO girl! Thanks so much for sharing this, it's important for every girl to know.


  6. Such a great idea, I especially love #8, I am planning on going to a cake decorating class solo (Thanks Groupon). Sometimes it is nice to just take yourself out. I'm also a big fan of taking myself on my own thrifting dates, whats better then shopping!

  7. You are seriously wonderful. I love ALL of these ideas, especially the relaxing bath. That's one of my favorite dating myself things I love to do. Great post!


    Aww. Thank you so much. :)

  8. These are great ideas to get a little more bounce in my daily step! I love cooking myself a big breakfast for no particular reason at all- helps me get a great start to my day!

  9. Great ideas! I like all of them. I don't know what I would add.

  10. These are great ideas. I have been feeling bored lately due to school but I might try this one day :)

  11. I love these ideas so much! Like I said, now that I have help with Essley from time to time, I'm going to make this a priority. So important. xoxo

  12. This is awesome. I am home alone most days while my husband is at work (I work nights) so it would be great to try some of the things on your list! Although I do the flowers thing ALL THE TIME. I love the process of chopping off the stems and arranging them nicely in a vase. I am glad someone else actually finds this to be fun, rather than boring!

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com

  13. All gorgeous ideas, I am on a rostered day off and I have been to a movie and I think a bath would be absolutely lovely.

  14. I've been living with my boyfriend for almost two years, and I like to spend time with him, but I also enjoy that moments for myself. Or buy things just because :)

  15. Love this! I've been learning to take time to pamper myself now and again. Now it usually involves a bubble bath, rewatching episodes of Once Upon a Time (best show ever) or watching Friends, reading chick lit, and doing a bunch of beauty things like using a sheet mask, doing a mani/pedi, and putting on lots of sweet-smelling lotions. So good. :)

  16. I buy myself flowers all the time! I like to put them in a vase next to where I'm working and after a few days of enjoying their beauty I cut them up and make a flower crown. Then I wear it all day long and enjoy feeling special. I'm pretty sure everyone in my life thinks I'm weird.

    1. this is actually very nice. I like the idea.

  17. This is so true, we all spend too little time with and by ourselves - at least I do. I love walking the farmers market and buying fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies, I love picking a new book and reading it in a café. I need a me-day.
    Thank you for this!

  18. I've been "dating" myself since my divorce 9 years ago. I figured after a horrible 12 year marriage, in which I never got what I wanted, I deserved to treat myself. I've done all of the ones mentioned. Another thing I do is to send the single girls that are my besties flowers on valentines day. Us girls don't need men as a reason to send things to the people we adore.

  19. Love this post! I feel like we get lost so many times on taking care of everyone else that we forget ourselves. My favorite "date myself" tendencies, are buying flowers like you, and watching bride shows on my DVR for a couple hours with just me. Totally guilty pleasure, but it's my version of me time!

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