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This is an outfit we shot probably a month and a half ago when we were house/puppy sitting in Hohenwald (before Chicago!). I found a few outfits I never posted so I'll be using those to my advantage this weekend and coming week since I will be swamped, out of town/canoeing/camping, and swamped again! I dared to bare some leg in this and no, it's not something I would probably feel too comfortable wearing out and about. This is a dress I sold in Kaelah's Closet and only wore once! I feel like I'm on the constant hunt for the perfect yellow cardigan. There's this one (but I hate the short sleeves!) and I have one more from Target but it's almost like a... hilighter yellow?! I just want a pretty, soft yellow with 3/4 sleeves please! 

Today I actually wore tights for the first time in months! It was *awesome* to say the least! Things are happening on the business end so I hope I can have more to share about that this coming week!

This whole week was a blur (as usual). You'd think I spent my life drunk or something because I have such a hard time recalling what happened unless I write it down! At least I can check my Twitter or Instagram to remember! We've hung out with Brian and Christina the majority of the past three weeks (haha!) and yesterday was no different! Wednesday night we went on a bike ride around West End and we all went for frozen yogurt and ate pizza. (Healthy!). Yesterday we grabbed lunch with them at Chipotle and then we went to their house for a late evening swimming session! Followed by more unhealthy food and a trip to WalMart to stock up for our camping/canoeing trip coming up Monday! We like them, they're fun! 

I'll be spending all weekend work work working. Working 4pm til 2am tomorrow so I better take advantage of this time to sort through my inbox and sort out sponsor stuff! Eep! I promise my life is more exciting than I make it out to be... sometimes. ;) Happy Weekend! 

Forever 21 dress
Thrifted belt
Charlotte Russe cardigan
Roman wedges c/o Blowfish Shoes


  1. you are so adorable! i love this outfit!!!

    happy friday!!

    allister bee blog

  2. Hello Hottie!!!! You look absolutely AMAZING in that outfit. I think it is one of my faves of the day. Sounds like your weekend is going to be about as exciting as mine. My hubby works all weekend so the kids & I will be home doing this and that. I can't wait to hear more about your canoeing/camping trip. I'm such an outdoors girl, I love things like that. Happy Friday Friend!!

  3. You always do the best colour blocking! <3 I love the bright shade of yellow! And the blue goes so perfectly with your hair! Gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. Ok gorgeous barely even describes you in this post, you are indescribably beautiful! I love this outfit! I love this blog! I love you! :) This blog is one of the glorious highlights to my life. I enjoy a little Tennessee love here in Kansas! Thank you for writing, exploring life and all it has to offer, and your happiness you bravely share with us all. :) Mucho LoVe! <3

  5. I love the colors and the dress looks adorable on you. I know what you mean about being uncomfortable out and about it shorter dresses. I feel the same way. It's not really a body image thing. More like a want to be able to move around without everyone seeing my lady biz thing. And I find yellow really hard to find too. The wrong shad can just wash you out or look like a cat peed on it.

  6. These colors look absolutely amazing on you! Also, your hair is perfect. As always. How do you do it?

    Lindsey Soup

  7. Adorable. I love the shoes, I have those in brown!

  8. I love this colour scheme on you, it really looks lovely <3 I feel your pain, I have been on the hunt for the perfect white cardigan FOREVER, they are all too thin/too stretchy/don't sit right worn open/too long etc lol! x

  9. i love this color combination on you!
    you look lovely.

  10. Lovely outfit. I really like the color combo. Very pretty! :D


  11. I love the blue color! :)


    Irene Wibowo

  12. I think you are adorable! I love your blog and your hair color and yep!! I am glad i found you!haha.

  13. I love the color combination of yellow and blue! And those grey shoes look amazing on you!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  14. The blue colour makes you look so tanned. Perfect for summer!

    Kate x


  15. Love this colour palette :) xo


  16. Ohh I love love these colors on your! Super cute outfit.


  17. Love, love, love this outfit! You look fantastic. :3 Aw well besides you having to work I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. :)

  18. LOVE the blue and yellow! The yellow just POPS against the blue!

    And isnt it hard to stay so busy AND so social? I've been there!! <3


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