Cranberry Oatmeal

Mike and I didn't really get into anything exciting yesterday, but still I got dressed up and we roamed around town just for a bit. Typically our drives turn into scouting potential places to take pictures, and I always knew this little place would come in handy. This area that we're in is in the dead center of "downtown" (if you can call it that. This town is literally 5 seconds wide) but the area I'm standing in for the photos is a lot of land freed up when they tore down a pre-existing shop several years ago. It's between an extinct bank and a variety shop. The most mom-and-pop variety shops you can imagine, at that! I'm glad they planted some grass and painted the buildings though, because it doesn't even come off as an eye sore any more. There's also a cement picnic table in the center and some small planted trees, too, but you can tell the hoodlums of town have made their way over. Anyway, behind this row of shops on Main is a little alley way (where we were parked) that has some of the most brilliant walls. Old chipped paint, original wooden doors, panes of glass that must be paper thin at the top.. I love it. When I was doing Yearbook my senior year we came out there to take our Superlative pictures. I may or may not have saved the best wall for my own superlative! Shh! 

Did you catch that silly picture up there? Yeah.. I didn't care to make a gif this go around so I figured I'd give you something to laugh at. That's the kind of stuff I do when Mike gets out the camera. It's so easy to get awkward in front of whoever is taking your picture.. even if that person is your significant other. Hey, did you peep the shoes?! That's right... another pair of heels! Shut up, right?! Well, I love these, though they're not quite as comfortable as the wedges from yesterday. Standing on all of this uneven, soggy ground trying to balance was a bit difficult, too! My toes were falling to the front and squishing up, but I persevered! The dress is a NYC find when the new Forever 21 opened in Times Square last summer and the cardigan is a Charlotte Russe oldie. It has lace running parallel to the buttons but as with all lace cardis, I managed to rip it to shreds. The belt of course, as usual, is the Forever 21 one I opt for with every short dress and the tights were a Hue purchase at Dillard's. The shoes, again, are from Target and the headband was made by me at some point a couple weeks ago! 

Mike and I are going to spend our Monday crafting as usual (above are some felt bows we started making a couple of weeks ago. I've already finished off about 50 of them today!) and hopefully making the most of our insanely wet and gloomy day. I really wanted to get dolled up to show you my other pair of new shoes, but the weather simply won't allow it! Instead you'll be getting the first dose of the 7 days of V-Day! There will be no Mixtape Monday today solely because I blogged an insanely awesome and huge playlist yesterday (yes, I'm biased and yes this is to try and get you to go listen to it and love it!) but that's all the better as there won't be 15 updates today! No one likes it when you clog their feed! Happy Monday! xo

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Tights: Hue
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Headband: Handmade


  1. the headband looks so pretty!
    great pictures, the red wall as a background looks amazing.

  2. So can I just say how much I love that your tights match your hair?! I don't know why but lately I've been in such a matchy-matchy mood fashion wise. Also, the heels contrast perfectly with them :)


  3. Oh my, we're branching out with the shoes!! Lol, yeah I'm not into the big super bowl thing either. I'm not really into sports at all tbh. Have fun crafting today! I plan on spending the day crocheting. :)

    The Sweetest Life

  4. Beautiful pictures! Your shoes look fantastic! :o

  5. LOVE this outfit! Its def one of my favorites you've worn in awhile. I bought those shoes and few weeks ago and cant wait to wear them!

  6. i looooove all the colors in the outfit - and im especially in love with those shoes. you are too cute!

  7. So cute! I love those heels, too. ♥


  8. I always think about how you are able to take so many pictures, I used to get somewhat awkward when having my picture taken. I'm much beter now but I can't imagine having THAT many taken, hehe!
    Also...I was in the city the day Forever 21 opened, for a totally different reason but I got SO confused by the massive line outside. I thought someone famous was inside or something and then a girl told me "nope, we're just waiting to shop.' LOL

  9. What a great place to take pictures! I love your outfit.

  10. You look soo darling! The heels look great on you!

    I'm the kind of person that has an aversion to heels as well, but you've made me want to be adventurous and try a pair out! Thanks girl! <3

  11. the SHOES!!! OMG!! lovely!

  12. love the new heels, and that you're rocking them with tights! and hooray for the new headband! tooooo cute :)

  13. You look adorable! i love your hair + the tights!

  14. aw, I missed seeing the Mixtape MOnday because that's one of my favorite posts each week that I see at all. I'm behind in my blog reading though as it is.

    Anyway I love the floral and think those shoes are darling as can be.


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