Mini Etsy Update!

Hey y'all! I had a mini Etsy update last night with 13 vintage brooches from my little collection! There are several owls, a scorpion, a horse, elephant and more! None of them are over $10 (most are $6!) so click the picture above or CLICK HERE and snag you up one or seven!

The shop will be in heavy vacation mode starting at the end of the month so we can go on our roadtrip. Then when we get back we'll be working super hard on a full Etsy makeover and new shop unveiling!

Happy Friday! xo


  1. Ooo these are all so lovely!! I looove brooches. My Nana always had the most beautiful cameos and when I was little I remember thinking "when I grow up, I'm going to wear pins" LOL

  2. I Love all the broo+ches!!!!!
    I'm def getting one within the week, there all so adorable. This would make a great present for my friend too!

    Marja <3

  3. How cute! owls are adorable!

  4. thats funny! yesterday I´ve put on some new handmade brooches on my blogshop also! come and see them, for sure you will like them!


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