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In my sneaky attempt to get a few family photos in our albums and on our walls, I asked Toby and Mike to take part in a few outfit photos. Well, actually Toby asked me to join in, and then I convinced Mike. Linden doesn't really get a say yet so he's there, too. These photos were snapped a couple of days after Christmas, and it was actually not that cold out (hence the bare legs). It turned chilly about 10 minutes before we shot these and by the end of it I was regretting going without tights. Of course it's been hovering around 2 degrees here lately (what! This is Tennessee!) so in comparison it was like being in the tropics haha Anyone else totally over winter? This is my first outfit post in quite a while since the holidays absolutely got away from me. I had so many sign orders and so much going on, I barely had time to breathe. It wasn't all bad though! It gave me a lot of time to just hang out with this bunch and enjoy some of the holidays. This might also be the one time during the hoildays that I managed to get dressed and have sort of halfway presentable hair ha!

Mike only agreed to a photo or two so I played nice and just included the one above. I love this photo of him though. It's so crazy to me that he's in his final trimester of his LPN program! He graduates in April and I am so so excited. He'll hopefully find full-time work locally for a few months while he works on his pre-reqs for the RN program. I know it's just one year out of so many, but it felt like so far off in the distance this time last year. We're hoping to celebrate each milestone along the way to help keep our sanity. Nursing school is rough... even moreso when you're less than three months in and you have a brand new baby. Mike has been handling it like a total champ though. He has amazing grades and he totally owns his clinicals. I'm so proud of him! I love how he lights up when he talks about his work and I can see just how badly he wants to be a nurse practitioner. I know it'll mean so many amazing things for our family.

Toby has been a bit of a handful since turning six last month. (What is it with this age?!) We've had our ups and downs since, but that boy... man. He finds a way to be the most precious, sincere, heartwarming kid almost daily. We've started a new discipline/reward system at home and we're just over a week and a half into it, but so far so good. I'm hoping it sticks because it's been so easy to implement. I think he's super ready for Spring, too, since he's been cooped up in the house because of the cold. I think getting him outside and playing with the neighborhood kids once again will give us all peace of mind haha He's growing up at warp speed and I feel like every time I look at him he's aged 2 years. Those missing bottom teeth slay me.

Linden is being his usual self. Happy and smiley, but equally demanding of all your attention. I never knew such a joyful baby could be so high needs. Most days I don't get out of my pajamas because I have to hold him for every feed and every nap and every time inbetween. Not that I mind, of course, but it does leave me with few things to do (read: blog about. ha!) Luckily I can use his nap times as an excuse to binge watch Netflix. Currently I'm wrapping up Wentworth and it's SO good! I totally recommend it if you haven't watched it yet!

This week I'm planning on working on some design work, finishing up my workspace makeover, painting a billion signs to ship out, and trying desperately to keep my house clean. And by house I mean my kitchen and living room because apparently no more than two rooms in my home can be clean at once. Anyone else?!

I'm wearing:
JCPenney dress
Voodoo Vixen cardigan (c/o - last year)
Martina flats c/o Loly in the Sky
Sakura Bloom "Spice" ring sling

Toby's wearing:
Calvin Klein cardigan c/o Schoola
The Children's Place shoes

Linden's wearing:
Carter's onesie
Carter's sweater
Handsome Pants leggings
Freshly Picked "Aruba" moccs

Mike's wearing:
Target buttonup
Lucky Brand jeans
Penguin boat shoes


  1. Your dress is beautiful! I love how well it goes with the cardigan.
    Your kids, adorable as always!


  2. adorable photos!


  3. Love the family fashion post-- great way to combine the old blog's purpose with your new life! Kids change things up for sure. Hang in there!

  4. Hey, I graduate this spring too! It's so exciting and scary at the same time! Congrats to all!

    <3 Meagen

  5. Such a beautiful family !! Inside and out oxox

  6. Beautiful, you guys look so happy, I'm a handful getting my picture taken I can't imagine doing it with a baby and a six year old, props!


  7. I love your shoes! What a precious family you have.

  8. These are some beautiful photos! I love reading about Mike's course. I'm hoping to do graduate medicine (UK) and it's really inspiring to me. :)

  9. I am so jealous of your babywearing some days - my baby just has not been interested. Oh, she wants to be CARRIED everywhere (as long as we're inside the house), but she hated being worn from the start. Apparently if my arms are not actively involved, it's NO DICE. And when we're out and about, she gets righteously mad unless she's in her stroller where she can see everywhere we're going.

    But those babywraps! I have hearts in my eyes! That is a gorgeous color, too. And I love that Mike was willing to step in, evne if only for just a minute :)

  10. This is a wonderful idea! Your family is so cute :)

    I loved reading about Mike's school - sounds like it's the perfect choice for him :) And your love for everyone really shines through in your writing! ♥

  11. As a mom of a six year old. . .yeah. . .I completely understand. My 7 year old has been getting worse as he is only a couple weeks away from turning 8 - which is so weird because he was SOOOO great at 7 and now that he is nearly 8 he is getting worse again haha. It is as if every other year is like that. 3 was bad for both, 4 was great for both, 5 and 6 were bad for both (hoping the little one improves since he is a new 6 year old), and 7 was great. Ahhhh. Being a mom of two sons is tough work.
    Your family is so pretty and your tiny one is a doll!!!


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