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These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, though they might as well have been from this past weekend since there was a mega "heat wave" around here. It was teetering around in the low 80s yesterday and whew, it sure made the orange and yellow trees feel out of place. The past few days were spent going full throttle. Toby hit the Halloween jackpot by spending the entire weekend at Mike's parents' house and getting to bob for apples, carve pumpkins, bake spider cupcakes, etc, with his cousins Kait and Ally. I loved seeing all of the photos Terri sent us and tagged us in. It looked like they totally had a blast. Mike, Linden and I loaded up to go to the flea market on Saturday, but after we ran all of our errands we simply didn't have enough time. We spent hours and hours at Michaels, stocking up on Christmas decorations. Then we spent all of Sunday decorating with those decorations haha! Christmas in October, before Halloween?! I know, we sound crazy! But I promise it makes sense. I'll share more about it later this week! Anyway, we were both totally spent after Saturday so we barely left the house once yesterday. While we worked every waking moment, it was nice to just be at home, ya know?

This dress is one of my favorites. Remember last year when I blogged a million and seven different Nine West dresses that I kept scooping up at Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls? Well this is one of those! I love the ombre look of the blue stripes, and I had to pair it with my navy and polka dot cardigan. It felt like the perfect match for my Eucalyptus Ergobaby wrap haha! And Linden matched me, too! I promise that part was totally coincidental. I love this little part of town. It's close to Toby's school and it's one of my favorite places to walk on a pretty day. We were out for a stroll when we snapped these photos. That little white picket fence makes it into a lot of my outfit posts haha! 

The forecast is looking favorable for Halloween later this week and I'm so excited. I can't wait to get out there with the boys and see them all dressed up. Mike doesn't have a costume yet, but I'm trying to convince him to dress up. I'm sure with just a bit more pestering I'll be able to win him over! I'm crossing my fingers that he won't have clinicals tomorrow so he can go on Toby's field trip with me. The kindergarten classes are headed to a pumpkin patch tomorrow and I wanted to bring Linden along if the weather was nice, but to be honest I'm a bit apprehensive about taking him out all day by myself where there's hundreds of five year olds running wild haha! I know I'll just keep him wrapped up and he'll probably nap just fine, but it'd be that much more special if Mike could be there for Linden's first pumpkin patch, too! Here's to hoping the weather holds out and we can make a day of it. If Mike can't go with us then I think my mom might tag along. Either way I know Toby will have an absolute blast. I'll just need to remind myself to snap a few pictures to share with Mike if he can't come!

Anyway, Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was awesome and that this week is even better! xo

Nine West dress
Forever 21 cardigan
SheInside shoes

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  1. Great pics, Kaelah! You look great and little man is too, too precious!


  2. Who can resist a white picket fence? That dress really is lovely, and I would have never thought to match stripes with a polka dot cardigan! (Into it.) I'm very curious as to why you'd be decorating for Christmas so early... maybe you can tell the Trick or Treaters they've entered a Time Warp ;)


  3. I really love this outfit, and the fact that it matches your wrap! We don't really celebrate Halloween over here in Aus, so all this talk of pumpkin patches and special Halloween activities is intriguing to me :) xx

  4. Cute pics!
    Halloween is the best - I love staying home on Halloween watching movies and handing out candy to the kids. This year, we are going to be ordering takeout, drinking wine and doing the above. :) hehe.

  5. Oh my, these pictures are adorable! I love the stripes & dots combination, looks great on you! :)


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