// Linden Atlas - Three Months

And just like that, this baby is a quarter of a year old! A quarter of a year! A whole season! These are (more than) a few of my favorite photos of him from the past few weeks. His personality is really starting to emerge and I just can't get enough of those smiles every day! And those forced frowns are pretty cute, too. Pinch me. I'm especially looking forward to the holidays with him.

This month Linden:
+ weighs 12 pounds and 2 ounces
+ started the early stages of teething (just this week!)
+ still can't fit in a lot of his 0-3m clothing. (one day!)
+ thinks my messy mom bun is the funnies thing (seriously. it's so cute!)
+ snores almost as loud as dad.
+ loves to swat at his playmat
+ started napping in his crib all by himself.
+ loves to kick, kick, kick!
+ still wakes every 3-4 hours to feed at night.
+ but generally sleeps in until 8am (yay!)
+ LOVES the "itsy bitsy spider" song with hand motions.

They weren't lying when they said each new stage is more fun than the last. I can't wait until he can sit up on his own and hang out. But then again I sort of like how cuddly he is right now. Babies!

* See his other monthly posts here.


  1. Itsy bitsy spider! How has that escaped my repertoire?! Will be singing that to Z today.

    I digress. LINDEN! Oh my stars. That baby. No words. Nope. Look at that smile! And blurry thirteen weeks jazz hands with that smile. He's marvelous. So cute and sweet and just so himself. I love that. :)

  2. He is so freakin' cute!!! And I love the outfits, especially the ones with the little bandana. My step sister has 5 month old twin boys that are 100% Italian. They are definitely hot heads lol. The one is almost double the size of the other. Gosh, I love babies :)


  3. Jeeze louise he is the cutest little babe! Loooooook at that smile!

  4. I can't get over how much he looks like Toby!

  5. He is so adorable !
    Will be lovely to see him grow each month :D
    Launa x
    Sprinkles & Ink

  6. Oh my goodness he is such a cutie and what a smile.

  7. That pic with Mike taking cofee is so wonderful, that little baby boy looks like an adult!

  8. what a fashionable little man! That tasty cake onesie is too much!


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