// Things I Love Thursday v.157

Happy Halloween, friends! I hope it's not nearly as yucky where you are. Today is full on gloom + rain here for us. I'm a little bummed because so far our town hasn't changed the trick or treating night, and no one wants to walk several miles in the rain. Crossing our fingers they announce something soon. But I've still got a Pre-K party to bake for! Having a kid in elementary school really takes it out of ya haha! I hope your day is filled with spookiness (like the ghost dream I had last night.) and candy! For any of y'all with kids: What are they dressing up as for Halloween?! Toby is totally a Ninja Turtle. Love that kid.
this kind of stuff is my favorite! deconstructed + organized neatly! ♥
this mario cat complex is amazing! ♥
this is such a beautiful landscape ♥
this classy lady. ♥

this beautiful blue ink tattoo ♥
this fun nail art ♥
this is so gorgeous ♥
♥ an honest business card exchange. SO funny ♥                  

// HEY YOU! Got something you want to see on LCH in November?! Let me know! Are there specific posts you just totally love and want more of? More boozy goodness? More family/what we wore/flynn fest posts? DIYs? Holiday crap? Shout it out! I'm planning November's calendar now and I'm so excited about what's coming to the blog. I hope you love it, too! (Holy crap, tomorrow is November!)

// Amanda recently sent us some chocolates and holy moly they were incredible! Dark chocolate sea salt caramel truffles = HEAVENLY! She just released The Pie Collection and is offering all of you fab readers 15% off of her sweets shop with the code KAELAH. Enjoy!

// Jen is offering all LCH readers 25% off of her vintage Etsy shop! Just use the code kaelahbee at checkout! Offer good until November 24th!

// Watch these 2 quick cat gifs and your heart will melt right out of your chest.

// THIS is hilarious and the perfect example of what Tumblr is really like.

// Here's a really great post about the huge boom Dubai has seen in the last two decades. It's really heartbreaking to read about the workers involved.

// These kinds of posts are without a doubt my favorite to read on other blogs. So much love to be found! (Also - peep CA's tagline on her blog! Killing me! I adore that girl.)

// Let's Talk Halloween Candy - What Do You Love And Hate? (Love: mini 3 musketeers + butterfingers. and skittles. Hate: tootsie rolls. get outta here with that mess!)

// We're huge StickyGram fans over here and I'll probably say this a million times over the next few months, BUT you can save $2 off of a set of magnets or $5 off a (new!) custom phone case with the coupon code FRIEND0WS5. (They make amazing/thoughtful holiday gifts, by the way!)

// !!! LuLu*s is having a pretty huge sale right now! 31% off all items already on sale! Just use the code PUMPKIN. But hurry! It ends at midnight tonight!

Have you read anything lately that made you laugh out loud, cry, think, or want to share with others? Feel free to share your favorite links below, or link us to your own link roundup!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I love the blue ink tattoos - they remind me of china patterns. So lovely.

  2. Aww you get to bake! I'm so jealous! My son's school is totally against bringing in ANY kind of treats because of so many kids with allergies (and they also have this *healthy* school thing going on too), so no birthday treats or anything.. it really sucks!

    Jenn - http://jennblogs.com

  3. that mario cat playplace is hilarious! I also love all the gorgeous photos. I've never even seen a blue ink tattoo!

  4. We have some crazy weather coming out way too, hoping they change trick or treat too. And that photo of the painting of the mountains with them in the background... gorgeous!

  5. The blue looks like the color of the blue roses I have on my back. It's still a work in progress but I do have one flower shaded blue! I get compliments on them all the time.

    And it's rainy and gloomy here too. I'm taking my son to Cool Springs mall. Stores hand out candy, and I think they may be doing some other fun things for the kiddos this year since it's raining.

  6. I LOVE the mom who decided to get tattoos later in life. I did find it interesting - in the article, she mentions several times that even though she doesn't go on dates, she has no regrets; yet the captions on a few on the photos say "Regrets: Although she originally inked herself to make herself feel less 'mumsy', she is now regretting the decision because she can't get a man because her appearance scares them off". Wonder if the person who captioned those bothered to read the actual interview.

    Anyways. That lady is awesome. And so are you for posting her story! That is all.

  7. Always love this post of yours (: That lady is so kick ass!! And the landscape is beyond inspiring. It's been sunny in here, wanna swap?^^ x

  8. These posts are always the best! My favorite thing I've seen this week is this collection of photos of cats stuck in trees. They're hilarious! http://www.king5.com/news/slideshows/Faces-of-cats-as-canopy-cat-rescue-229781761.html

    Ladyface Blog

  9. lovely post! that gif of those two kitties is adorable.
    xo, cheyenne

  10. Aww sorry the weather was so yucky there. It was seriously PERFECT out today... well, perfect for October in the Midwest. Can't complain! That lady is so damn fierce... I love it.

    I looove horror movies... even really terrible ones. I seriously watch the remake of House on Haunted Hill EVERY YEAR and it's soooo terrible! Why do I keep watching it??! Couldn't tell you.

    Some things I was diggin' this week, in case you're interested.

  11. I love the images:) We dressed up as the X-Files!! My husband as Mulder, me as Scully and my kiddos as aliens. It was raining and gloomy but we were so happy about our family theme :)

  12. That tattooed lady totally lives in my town! Saw her in Boots the other day :) x

  13. That tattooed lady totally lives in my town :) Beverley, Yorkshire :) So cool!

  14. I absolutely love the tattooed lady! She's my hero :) There's the one image going viral about "What will you do with your tattoos when you're 70? Hang out with other bad asses with tattoos!" Maybe I shouldn't quote it because it's not directly what it said but you get it. Anyhow, that'll be me. I love tatts!

    PS I found you via GOMI (I am a total late bloomer) and you are totally awesome. Love your blog and love your responses on the threads (I don't comment, just found GOMI recently, lol).

    www.jaimelovesstuff.com (I am a pretty crappy blogger but it's my piece of the interwebz).


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