// Things I Love Thursday v.154

Happy Thursday! We're out and about hosting a yard sale with my Nana today/this weekend! It's Oktoberfest in my hometown so there are hundreds (or more!) yard sales currently happening! It gets insane this time of year and I'm so excited! I normally always find such rad stuff to bring home. Last year we were in Mexico for Oktoberfest so I'm excited to do two years worth of digging! We'll be set up with loads of clothes, shoes, owl goodies and purses, etc all weekend, so if you're in/around middle Tennessee and you want to drop by, tweet me for more info! (@kaelahbee) -- If I'm not totally dead tired I might list a few things here and there on my @kaelahscloset Instagram! Head on over and give it a follow if you're in the market for some goodies! I want these puppies GONE! -- Here's to hoping we make bank (or at least get rid of enough stuff that I don't feel like it was a total bust! ha!) Enjoy this week's picks! xo
this is so precious ♥
these animal photobombs kill me! ♥
rifle paper co.'s new lookbook is amazing!
this is too funny! ♥
this breathtaking mountaineering photography! ♥
these hyper-realistic paintings ♥
this baby otter! ♥
these skull sugar cubes! ♥
this is what the internet used to look like! ♥

// Humans and Animals: I love this series of photographs!

// Mike and I are each enrolled in some Skillshare classes currently. We've been having a lot of fun learning new things at our own pace. I'll share more about each of our classes soon, but if you want to try your hand at a Skillshare class, you can get $10 off HERE! (Mike is taking a class in HTML/CSS and I'm taking a Shopify E-commerce class!)

// 29 Underrated Things About Being In Your Late Twenties. 25 may not be late twenties just yet, but I'm feeling all of these!

// Some favorite outfit posts on BeauCoo: Amanda's sweet plaid frock // this gal's lil' get up // this chambray and chartreuse outfit // this ultra polished look -- (leave me your username if you've signed up! I want to follow you!)

// 12 "Sexy" Halloween Costumes For Things That Probably Shouldn't Be Sexy. Oof! Someone out there will be wearing those in a few weeks...

// Tera made a gorgeous "funeral" birdcage veil in the spirit of the spooky season! (It would be equally as gorgeous in white, cream or a soft pink if you're not feeling the dark hue!)

// Open Thread: If You Could Only Take One Album With You To A Desert Island For The Rest Of Your Life What Would It Be? Seriously, New Found Glory's Sticks And Stones. Who's surprised?! No one, that's who. (What's yours?)

// Wishlist Wears: this dainty little "branch" ring (!!!) // i love the pattern and contrasting belt on this dress // the fuchsia color of this dress! // this turquoise KS watch // this hat makes me wish i was a hat person // i've been coveting this dress for far too long. i need to take the plunge! // this gorgeous dress is currently 30% off! // the PERFECT "Cher" skirt if you wanted to dress up like the Clueless gals for Halloween! // these tiny wedges are perfect for autumn! (those colors!) // 10 piece skinny ring set for only $13! // i am way too into these shoes for them to be purple // it's a jellyfish necklace! // holy cute cat tote! // this amazing mulberry dress with the cute collar! // the cutest tortoise sunglasses!

// Sara shared a really great blog post about the fear of how sharing her skills openly on her blog could hurt her business. I think a lot of DIY and food bloggers can relate to this. What do you think?

// I don't know why, but last night I went down a deep rabbit hole of food safety and expiration dates... here are a few posts I stumbled upon: Finally! Validation For My Gross Habits: Expired Food Edition // Harvard Study Connects Food Waste To Food Expiration Date // Ode To My Pantry: "Expired" Food -- I'm in the "when in doubt, throw it out" camp simply because it skeeves me out, but we really do waste a lot of food. How about you?

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  1. On the post from Sara about being open about your skills:

    I think there's a middle ground. Even bakers that put out recipes usually keep some "signature" recipes to themselves, and I wouldn't blame her for doing so... especially since her long-term goal is to open a bakery. Cooking bloggers who have put out books (Joy the Baker comes to mind) often keep many of the recipes that will be in the book secret and don't post about them during development - you have to give people something they'll want to buy! And if they can just take recipes off your website, that is all a lot of people will do. I think keeping some things to yourself is often the right decision. Or, like, let's take Katie from Skunkboy Creatures - she's been a part of the A Beautiful Mess blog group for some time (although... way less now, it seems like, than she used to be) and does lots of DIY posts... but you'll notice she doesn't do a DIY on how to make her little felt creations that she sells. And she shouldn't; that's her livelihood right there. So I think there's a balance - you can sell some awesome crafts/art and also do DIY's, or bake delicious cookies i want to eat a whole package of and post recipes for OTHER stuff you aren't selling. So basically I think it should be a balance. I like to support small-time business owners who operate on the internet! Nobody's going to think someone is inherently selfish for selling their own hard work and sweat. Or if they are, pfffft on them.

    You should just google-hop on photorealistic painters sometime. There's some amazing stuff out there. There's one guy who just does portraits, and I feel like whenever he's at a party he's just staring at the visible pores of everyone there.

    I'm on Pinterest! Can't link from this computer, but my username is Stress and Stars, just like the blog. And twitter. And email.

    Hm. Maybe I've used that name too much.

  2. I hated the internet at first! Now you can see why! Also, I'm constantly arguing with my husband that the eggs in our fridge are still good. I'm going to email him some links!

  3. Another awesome TILT! I actually signed up for the Art of Modern Calligraphy class through Skillshare and I love it!

  4. Hmmm, only one album? Probably Tori Amos' Night of Hunters album. Every song is beautiful and so moving and full of soul. I could listen to it forever and be fine with it.
    Great list of stuff by the way. That baby otter is adorable!

  5. Those wave paintings are gorgeous. His blog has a lot of beautiful landscape work.


  6. oh my god, those photobombs are AMAZING. hahaha

  7. That Otter!! Oh my! I almost died....so cute! =)

  8. Oooh, love photos of animals, so cute ♥

  9. I can't believe I wasn't already following you on Pinterest! I'm now following all of your boards. :) My link is http://www.pinterest.com/tiffuhknee09/

    Also, those animal photo-bombs are ADORABLE.

  10. ALSO. STICKS AND STONES IS MY FAVOURITE ALBUM! I would definitely take it on the island with me too :)

    This excited me a lot!x

  11. So much cuteness! Ahahaha, those old internet pages are the best!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  12. Aww! That otter! I always eat food outside it's expiry date. Including dairy! Unless it smells funky or has mould on top, I usually just have a teeny, tiny taste and if it tastes okay, I go for it! The only thing I won't eat past expiry is meat. These articles definitely make me feel much safer about my habits though! xx

  13. Did you know that you always have the greatest roundups? I look forward to them in addition to your regular posts. Such a treat!

  14. Awesome and pinterest/hiwonderland and pinterest/wonderclothing !!

  15. My gosh, the internet used to be so ugly!!
    My desert island album is from the same era... Jimmy Eat World's self-titled album. It has been my favorite album for 12 years and still going strong! 12 years?! Wow, that makes me feel old.

  16. Such a hilarious list! I love the animal photobombs and the mountaineering photography, plus...that's how the internet used to look!?!? Why did anyone use it?!


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