// Things I Love Thursday v.153

Sometimes I think things as trivial as blogging are hard to do when someone you know is hurting so badly. The blogosphere's sweetheart, Diana, and her husband Scott lost their precious baby Max this week. I truly believe there is no one more kind hearted and selfless than Diana, and I've looked up to her for years. She and Scott have blessed our little family in so many ways, and I'm so grateful to call her a friend. Hearing her news yesterday brought an onslaught of tears and heartache. Knowing their struggles to conceive, then her patience for for Max to "bake" a little longer in the oven, only makes it feel more unfair. He was taken before he could even enter the world and my heart sinks at the thought. Diana has the strongest heart of anyone I know, and I know she can endure this pain. But I feel so inspired by the blogging community right now. So many people have come together to ensure Diana and Scott have an unshakable support group. There are so many incredible people in the world and I'm humbled to know so many myself. If you pray, please pray for Diana and Scott. Pray for Baby Max. If you don't yet have the pleasure of knowing Diana, I hope you are given the opportunity because she's truly one of the most incredible women in the world.

Transitioning into a typically lighthearted post seems so crass, but hopefully this week's TiLT will give you something to smile about. xo

these unlikely bffs ♥
these amazing violins. ♥
these amazing photographs. ♥
this is adorable and i love halloween! ♥
this. ♥
this is a great way to showcase your work digitally! ♥
this cat! ♥
this is breathtaking! ♥
this is true. ♥

this cat tee looks so comfy! ♥
♥ this fawn! ♥

// Unpopular Opinion: Your Boss Doesn't Owe You A "Fun" Job - What do you think? I really loved this post and I enjoyed reading the comments, too.

// I love how classy this outfit is.

// Open Thread: What Are Your Favorite Names For Pets, Real or Imagined? Perfect inspiration for anyone thinking of bringing a new furry friend into their home!

// Are you part of the body positive style network BeauCoo yet?! I'm going to spend some time today updating my outfits on there and browsing for inspiration! I've found SO many amazingly stylish gals through that site!

// I just got this dress in the mail and I'm trying to think of ways to wear it so it's more colorful. Any suggestions?!

// Wishlist Wears: these nude studded flats are so classic! (in teal, too!) // i think this might be my next modcloth snag! // the colors on this dress are insanely awesome // a dress covered in dalmations (!!!) // is it ridiculous to be in love with a cardigan? // two words: unicorn sweater! // does an iphone case count?! // these nude sunglasses! // this leather skirt! (i want one so bad!) // this adorable fox sweater! // i'd like to add this to my mug collection // my favorite thing about autumn: military inspired coats! // THE perfect leopard booties // SKELETON FOOTIE PAJAMAS!

// Cry, Then Dance: A Break-Up Mix For Broken Hearts. What would you add to the mix?!

// 21 Really Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have. - So many good suggestions in the comments, too! A silly, lighthearted read.

Happy Thursday folks!
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  1. I was so devastated to learn about Diana yesterday. She was very supportive to me this Summer about my own weight loss and pregnancy journey and I was so excited to e-mail her and let her know that I'm now expecting. I hope her and Scott can find peace soon :(

  2. oh my!! I LOVE that story about Karrie and her dreams about becoming a model!! That is so sweet + inspiring!! ( + brought a tear or two to my eye!!)

    I'm so sorry to hear about Diana losing her baby!! I don't know her (I just found her blog + twitter today!!) but she seems like such a sweetheart and my thoughts + prayers go out to her!! (Beautiful little post you wrote about her Kaelah!! You're such a great friend!!) xoxo

  3. Only my kindest thoughts and well wishes go out to your friend Diana. I can not imagine what she and her husband are going through.

    "My 17-Year-Old Daughter Had A Dream To Become A Model. She Also Has Down Syndrome. Wet Seal Made Her Dream Come True" totally made me cry! She is so beautiful.

    (p.s. The link to the dress covered in dalmatians leads to a dress with horses on it)

    That break-up list is so good! I would have to add "We Should Always Be Together" by Billy Goodrum, "Broken Promises for Broken Hearts" by She Wants Revenge, and "Apart" by The Cure.

  4. I saw Diana's post last night and each time I am reminded of their loss I am brought to tears. I have followed her for years, and have had a similar story, though with a happier ending. I know it isn't fair to say someone deserves this while someone else deserves that, but I truly feel they deserved that sweet little baby and it crushes me that they instead have to suffer such a devastating blow. I am glad to see that after all her and Scott do for others that they have a huge support group. I only hope they find the comfort they need to heal.

  5. So sad about your friend, I don't know her but she will be in my thoughts. In other news, that illustration to me sums you and your family up to me!

  6. Really sweet words about Diana. I had a dream last night where I met her and gave her the biggest hug... I can hardly even believe this happened. She's such a wonderful person and I'm praying so hard for her & Scott's hearts to heal. So awesome to see so many people coming together to support them.

  7. My heart hurts for Diana. I wish I knew them so I could hug them. It's so nice that everyone supports them this much.

    On the positive front, you could pair that dress with ANY color. Orange for Halloween! Red to be extra pin up!

    xo Ashley

  8. Reading this post brought back so much memories. This happened to My sister a couple years ago, it was a baby girl. And then it happened again a year ago but the baby was a still birth. It actually made Me cry again. All I can wish for Your friend Diana is that God keeps Her strong and keeps Her bond with Her husband stronger. It is by no means an easy thing and the only thing someone can say is that this baby Max is an angel with no sin in God's hands.
    I am really sorry for Her.

    Loads of love, SJay.

  9. I'm so sorry for your friends' loss. I can't even imagine what they're going through...

    Have you heard of Luna, the Fashion Kitty? She's a cutie!

  10. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friend. Thank you for sharing your happy links even when life isn't soo happy.

    You could wear your new dress with your classic bright cardigan/ bright shoe combo. Or is it full enough to do a colored slip or petticoat underneath it? Come cooler weather it could be great with a neutral cardigan but a pair of bright tights- a vibrant purple or a great cranberry. Just some thoughts!


  11. Don't know if my other comment posted. Thank you! :)


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