Things I Love Thursday

this is the best picture on the internets.  ♥
this photo is kind of haunting. ♥
♥ admit it. you laughed at this. ♥

♥ i love this show. so hard. ♥
this is SO cute. ♥
♥ the most beautiful embroideries to ever exist. ever. ♥
cuddles! ♥
♥ i used to have a lisa frank fan club with my friends (truth) ♥

// BUST is my all-time favorite magazine ever. And I miss working there probably every single day. My favorite thing about BUST is that it's owned outright by the rad ladies who run it, and they get by on their own dime. Help keep BUST alive by subscribing! (It seriously took me years to subscribe, long after I moved back from NYC, but getting it in my mailbox 6x a year is seriously the highlight of my life :P) Plus magazine subscriptions are wayyy up there on my list of "Best gifts to give friends"for the holidays!

// The 90's Guide To Winning An Argument. Best. Ever!

// HOLLA! I love hearing how much y'all are enjoying Jux (once you "get" how to use it! Took me a bit too haha). I wouldn't talk about it so much if I didn't love it. If you sign up and start your own, leave your link below so I can feature your blog next week!

// Wishlist Wears: Garden Party dress (saw it on SB, now I need!) -- This dress is almost too nice to be sold at Target! -- this fluffy tulle skirt! -- dainty scalloped KS ring -- American flag scarf (or tapestry!) --  pastel purple dress! -- and studded combat boots!

// On a more serious note, Delane was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. She's set up a donation page for anyone who would like to aid in her battle!

// F**k You, Other People's Kids. (Take it as a light-hearted, meant-to-be-ranty/funny read. The comments can always get a little heavy, but I think so many parents can read and relate to this on some level!)

// Gift Guide for you Gal Pal: Tory Burch lunchbox (!!! and matching thermos!) -- Kate Spade iPad case (WANT!) -- TAXI gloves (also want...) -- ELF 15pc nail polish set (I have this and love it)

// All of the furniture obsessing may seem weird, but Mike and I will be (lightly) renovating a house come the end of next month, and we're excited to live in a more rural environment with Toby. I'll save the long winded explaination for another post, but we're starting from scratch and we're excited to "build a home" if you will. My room mood-boards are taking over my life (and I'm no interior decorator, I know!) [On my list: couch // chair // floor lamp // magazine rack // print // chevron pillow (but yellow!) // pintuck pillow // metal crates]

// Speaking of furniture... Mike bought me a beautiful chair for part of my Christmas gift! I'm so excited!

// This might be one of the very best art/photography series I've seen. It's so interesting! (Found via Sarah)

What are you loving this week?
Leave me your favorite links to include in next week's post!


  1. Baby highland cow :) Makes me happy to be Scottish x

  2. I laughed a bit too hard at the Chandler Bing and the deathly hallows...

    <3 these things you're loving!

  3. Such a cool collection of things. Made a jux, still not sure how to use it but I'm sure I'll figure it out

  4. Caaatherine Zeta-Jooooones, she dips beneath laaasseeeerrrrs ooo--oo-ooooo

  5. The 2nd trailer for superman, has gotten me to see it when it comes, though I'm not a superman fan.

    I love the workaholics a la Beavis and Butthead cartoon :), the first photo and those wolves.


  6. my jux name: butwewillstay
    I started following yours a couple of weeks ago. Still figuring it all out myself but I put a lot of word inspiration on there. Keeps me thinking and pushing forward.


  7. my jux name: butwewillstay
    still figuring out the best way to use it but I love it even in my slight confusion!

  8. I got into Jux, too! :3

  9. UGHH I try Jux & it's so difficult.. I don't know how to make it easy? I do have one though. It'd be nice to feature some of my photos on there so maybe I'll give it another try

  10. Fuck yes, BUST! I so need to get a subscription :D

    Alexandria xx

  11. You're so awesome!!! Thank You for your help!!! It means so much!!!

  12. I love TILT. I look forward to your posts every Thursday! Thanks for writing these.

  13. The wolves are amazing! And I love the sheep/goat cuddles ;)

    xo Ashley

  14. That first image! Hilarious! And Lisa is it coming back!? I mean, we all loved in the 90s, sure, but I was amazed UO brought it back

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


    I have a special place in my heart for Grumpy Cat. Maybe an obsession...


  16. I love that photo of the wolves! What an incredible shot.

  17. Man, I buy bust bi-monthly whenever there's a new issue so I have NO idea why I don't just subscribe. I definitely want to even more now, best magazine ever!

  18. Er, so I made a 'Jux' but I'm not sure uh, how to um...what is it? Lol! I'm slowly learning!

  19. I'm not quite sure why but the wolf picture reminds me of drunk chicks at a party? Lol Silly I know but I keep picturing it now. I'm in love with pintuck pillows, I desperately want a few for my couch. Lisa Frank was/is the shit, everything was so friggin colorful, I miss my Lisa Frank collection. Chandler Bing and "grumpy" cat are the best.


  20. Aw I saw that pretty lace Target dress there last night. I had to fight the urge to try it on because I would have had to buy it if it fit!
    I also loved the 90's argument guide. And Bust magazine is awesome. I really need to get a subscription sometime soon!

    p.s. thanks for introducing me to Jux a while back! Mine is here:

  21. I joined JUX!

  22. I lulzd so hard at the dancing Chandler Bing! My favorite friends character. :}

  23. The wolf picture is so pretty!

  24. I have a set of the same chevron blue pillows and I LOVE them!!!!

  25. Saw this, thought of you, had to share! (

  26. oh man, lisa frank! i had the most impressive collection. one of the best thing about being a 90's kid, for sure.

  27. Love the finds! Also, that's awesome you're going to renovate a house! It's so worth it! I can't wait to follow along! :)


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