// Your Essential Guide to Collecting Watches

Watches are a fascinating accessory as they have a practical use as well as being attractive. There is an endless choice of wristwatches available with new models launched all the time. If you love watches and have found that you are slowly starting to build up quite a collection, it is a good idea to get to grips with the basics of watch collecting. Watches can be expensive to buy, so before you go on a shopping spree, it is wise to know what to look out for.

Many collectors of timepieces consider their watch collections an investment, so as with any other investment, you need to choose wisely and carry out research before you buy. Familiarizing yourself with the most covetable makes and models and their characteristics will help ensure that you make the best buying decisions. You will need to be aware of each model's features to prevent yourself from being sold a replica watch, so always ensure that you buy from a reputable watch seller. 

Paying attention to the condition of the watches that you are buying is vital. The watch's state can seriously impact its value, so it is advisable to see the watch in person before you buy it wherever possible.

Check out this infographic from Watchbox, which is full of useful facts about two of the Rolex brand's rarest and most revered models of sports watches; the Submariner 16610V and the Daytona 116520. This essential information is a must-read for anyone that collects timepieces.

Infographic Design By Watchbox Rolex Submariner & Daytona Watch Specs

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