// Things I Love Thursday v.269

I have been incredibly under the weather for the past couple of days, hence why everything is rolling out a day late. I'm nursing a fun bout of kidney stones + infection, just a week before having my gallbladder taken out. We're trying to combat it as quickly as possible, as to not delay the surgery I should've had last year, but of course along the way my body decided it was not a fan of the pain medication I was prescribed. The reaction to it was far far worse than the initial back pain (Why is that always the case?! haha) I'm doing my very best to get as caught up as I can on things - I'm blogging and painting signs in bed so I can stay on schedule. Design clients - your mocks may be delayed until Monday, so please hold tight! In the meantime, here's a short but sweet TiLT ♥ 
♥ this is one of my favorite etsy shops ♥

this styling! ♥

♥ this ♥

♥ this cute little design ♥

♥ this fantastic photo! ♥

♥ this. this this this. ♥

♥ this flyer design ♥

// I am 110% obsessed with everything Charlotte Olympia has out now. Have you seen the amazing alient/UFO bags?!

// and if you love all things cat and cat-related apparel, this this this!

// This collection was inspired by indie music and contemporary art... and I kind of think the plethora of ruffles are fun! (That Mixed Media dress is one of those things that is so "ehhhhh" I can't help but love it haha)

// 16 places to go if you're young, broke, and want to travel the world. Provided you can shell out for those pricey plane tickets!

// Just a reminder that all of Rory's boyfriends were terrible. Who is excited for Gilmore Girls?!?

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  1. Oh my! So sorry about your health issues. Kidney stones are the WORST. I've had them a few times, once in college. I literally walked around like an old person and a few of my professors told me to just "suck it up." Phew, I still get angry when I think about it. I hope everything goes well!

    Anyhow, that hummingbird photo is gorgeous and I love anything Charlotte Olympia does so....

  2. I don't care what that Buzzfeed article says, I still need to believe Jess didn't turn out to be complete trash! (Yes, I'm extremely excited for Gilmore Girls)

  3. Eek, so awful, feel better soon!

    There doesn't seem to be a link for the first picture (Be Nice or Leave). Would love to know the Etsy link!

    1. Oops! I'll edit that when I get to a computer! The shop is called BellesAndGhosts!


  4. I collect such quotes myself.

    I think I will add this to my list.

  5. i actually have a cuddle clone! after my sweet cat, pippy, passed away in april at the age of 18, my mom had one made for me. losing my cat that i’d had since i was 7 was even harder than losing my grandma, who was my best friend. i was in a really bad place and having a stuffie of my pippy girl really helps. she’s sitting on my bedside table.


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