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September isn't usually such a busy time of year for us, but oof! This year, man! Between Toby's homework, Boy Scout schedule, and just the thought of piano lessons, I am zonked. Let's not remind me that I also have another little human to take care of and apparently I have some kind of moral obligation to shape him into a decent/smart person haha. Jussssst kidding. You know what I mean. We've stayed on the go quite a bit, and it's not slowing down any time soon. Maybe Christmas? 2017? 

Anyway, I'm getting ready to head toward Maya's to crash at her house so she can cart my booty to the airport super early in the morning. I'm headed back out to California for the 2nd annual Michaels Makers Summit. Last year I think there were only 50 of us (?!), but this year it'll be all 50 makers PLUS 50 sweepstakes winners. Holy moly, y'all. It's going to be wild! But the Summit is so fun! It's basically adult crafting camp and I can't get enough of it. I'll be sure to share entirely too many behind the scenes photos and videos on Snapchat, so go give me a follow if you haven't already! Snap: kaelahbee

I'll be in California until Wednesday, so I'll have quite a bit of catching up to do once I get back. Thursday is Boy Scouts day, and since Toby and CJ are in the same den, Whitney and I alternate Thursdays. She took them a couple days ago, so I gotta get all my ducks in a row so I can cart the boys around this coming week. Speaking of Boy Scouts, we just went and bought all of Toby's uniform pieces and goodness gracious that child is precious all dressed up. I'm kind of excited about the camping trip coming up! I've kind of always had my reservations about Boy Scouts (mainly due to the controversy in the past, and the fact we live in a very small, very conservative town), but that's more my issue than anything. Seeing Toby get so excited about badges and camping has me over the moon.

Until next time.

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  1. Lovely post!

    Have a great camping trip!

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Yorker

  2. We're doing Boy Scouts for the first year too! Sebastian loves it. I had reservations about it too because of the past controversy but he just really wanted to try it so we went for it.
    The Michael's thing sounds sooo fun and I'm totally jealous! Have a blast!


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