// Linden Atlas - Seven Months

Seven months... it just doesn't seem fair! My happy little guy is turning into a full fledged human. I mean, obviously he's always been human (ha!), but he has so many emotions and he's able to communicate in new ways. My heart just can't handle how much he's grown! I'll gladly say that six months is my favorite age so far! So many milestones and special moments. I just love him so much!

This month Linden:
+ learned to army crawl (and is probably only days away from real crawling! just. like. THAT!)
+ learned that the "alligator death roll" is super fun while mom changes his diaper
+ discovered a love for his strawberry popsicle teether
+ started feeding himself with his bottles
+ learned how to use a sippy cup and now loves it
+ transitioned from full-time cosleeping to sleeping in his own bed all night (!!!)
+ learned to give hugs and kisses (and I die every time!)
+ spent his first night away from mama/home (!!!) and did so well! (we both survived!)

Hopefully we'll start working on sleeping in his own room (!) this month, and getting better at baby led weaning. Still no teeth, but that just makes me think they'll all come at once. Heaven help us!


  1. Your Linden has the most beautiful beautiful smile!

    Katrina Sophia

  2. My baby got his two bottom teeth a few days after his first birthday.... and at 15 months he still only has those 2!! haha so you never know when those little teeth will show up!!

  3. I need some tips on going from bottle to sippy cup! I feel like we should start in on that and I'm just... not sure where to start, haha.

    Happy seven months, Linden! Now it's time to crawl EVERYWHERE!

  4. What a doll face this kid is! Looks like he loves having his photo taken.

  5. How adorable! My little guy is turning 6 months in a couple of weeks and it's been so fun! We're transitioning from full-time co-sleeping yo crib sleeping (still in our room) but that's going slowly! It's so cool to watch him getting ready to crawl, and the alligator death toll comment was just hysterical and dead on! 😂


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