hey yall!

hey sorry i didnt update last night.. amazingly enough, our lodge didnt have wifi. weird. we had so much fun. but today, while at an exotic animal farm, i got bit by a camel and it resulted in a few hours at the emergency room. nothing is broken, but i cant move 2 of my fingers at all. 200 pictures soon to be on flickr and lots of videos too. i need to get some sleep though... promise to elaborate on the camel later. feel free to laugh... every nurse/doctor at the hospital did. mike and i were even laughing hysterically (all the while i was bawling in pain, also) while checking me into the ER. fun times. but it was the best valentines EVER.



  1. I guess thats one memory for the scrap book.
    "hey remember that one year on valentines day when i got bit by a camel?"

    I have seen Americas Funnies Home Videos enough to know not to mess with Camels...or Llamas..

  2. Haha those are the stories that you can laugh about years later. Sorry that happened to you but it is quite humorous. Reminds me of when I took in what I thought was an abandoned baby fox that turned out to be rabid! Lets just saying being in the ER getting Rabies Shots for 10 days was not fun but it sure as hell was funny. No more wildlife rescues for me lol

  3. Oh dear! Well, I'm glad you had a wonderful Valentine's day with Mike :) I've never heard of anyone being bitten by a camel before >_<

    I also really love your nail polish!

  4. oh no!!!! A camel?? wowzers!! I got bit by an otter when I was 12 at the zoo, since then I have been terrified of them!! Hope your fingers feel better!!

  5. That's horrible! And funny. haha.
    Camels creep me out. I read in the newspaper once about a woman in Australia who was crushed by a camel because it tried to mount her :o
    So... this pretty much confirms it, I am officially terrified of camels.

  6. Ouchy :( Glad theyre not broken! Hope you feel better soon xx

  7. haha oh no! you should have bit him back! would have showed HIM!


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