// Things I Love Thursday v.273

♥ this this this! ♥
this freaking cute fox scarf ♥
this stunning living room ♥
♥ this rad typography piece ♥
♥ these colors! ♥
these mountain shelves ♥
♥ this cardboard advent calendar ♥

// For the women with balls who do give a fuck. I mean ovaries are pretty badass, too... :P

// What happens after drinking 1, 2, and 3 glasses of wine? These hilarious portraits show us!

// Have you heard of Defy Ventures? Watch this video. What an incredible resource for incarcerated men.

// This dude caught a wild rabbit and his snapchat story is too freaking good. I totally expected this to be dumb but his enthusiasm definitely got me laughing.

// If you're into personalized gifts, this doormat would be fab for a newly married couple or someone who just bought a new home! Or maybe a monogram coffee mug?! These are only $10!

xo KB


  1. That polish Christmas ad is the most beautiful Christmas ad ever, I can't help but blub like a baby when watching it :) also that fox scarf is so darn cute!

    Rachael xx.

  2. Loving the "wine portraits" link. Such a cool idea!!!


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