// Things I Love Thursday v.232

this sweet capture ♥
♥ how true is this?! ♥
this sketchbook scan ♥
this made me laugh! ♥
this neon sign ♥
this cacti pattern by vicky webb ♥
♥ this. omg. ♥
♥ this is adorable! ♥
this gorgeous bouquet ♥
this makes my heart smile ♥

// This toddler loves a personal injury attorney so much, his mom made it his birthday theme. THIS IS EVERYTHING! So hilarious and adorable. Unique, for sure!

// 22 desserts you can make in 5 minutes. Bring them over here, k?

// Roxy is my homegirl. Seriously, so much love for this lady.

// Did you know that Buzzfeed has an all-cats newsletter?! It's called "This week in cats!" Yes, really.

// Save 20% off your first month of TeaBoxExpress with the code TRYTEABOX20!

// Have you signed up for Stitch Fix yet? What did you think, if so?

// And because I always end it like this: Here's $40 to spend on Eshakti! (Sign up with a new email if you're a current customer!)

What are you loving this week?

xo KB


  1. these are great!


  2. I feel super old saying this but ever since I joined tumblr I can't get enough of that obnoxious pepe meme. what did i get myself into?? haha


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