Things I Love Thursday

this puts me in the most festive spirit! 

 this gorgeous octopus tattoo 

 this is the sweetest proposal! 

 this dreamy party setup 

 this silly embroidery 

 this mean girls find! 

 this wet kitty 

 this simple + pretty collage 

 this + all other Daria things 

 this hungry policemen print from kristi mcmurray! 

Other Awesome Stuff:
++ Brandi of Ever So Lovely shared these unreal octopus + walrus chairs on her blog! Holy dream chair! You know... if it would match anything! They'd take up a whole room themselves. But they sure are beautiful! 

++ In the market for some bright knit pretty things to spruce up your gloomy winter? Kathryn has a huge selection of the brightest crochet accessories for your head!

++ Sarah of Silly Grrl has the coolest job! The aerialists are one of my favorite parts of Cirque du Soleil! 

++ Sarah from Almost Delightful has a full section of recipes called "Food Frolics" and they look yummy!

++ Charlie from Polka Dots are Love recently reorganized her craft closet and I have to admit, I'm jealous! My crafty area is always a mess and it's high on my list of things to do in 2012!

++ I love Sailor Jerry inspired everything and Kata's shop is no exception!

++ You've got like 3 days left to enter Susannah's bow scarf giveaway on her blog! Get your last minute entries in, y'all!

++ I'm desperately waiting for these bad boys to come back into stock in my size! I've been trying to buy them for months!

++ And a few coupon codes: 20% off your Omerica Organic order with the code KAELAH. 20% off of your Karmaloop order with rep code KAELAH (or use this rep code with any pre-existing sale code for an extra 1%, up to 36% off!). 20% off Poorly Drawn Things with code KAELAHTHEQUEEN.

What are you loving this week?

As always, if you know the original source of anything not linked, please share in the comments and I'll remedy that asap!


  1. Daria is my absolute favorite. Like ever. My friends & I used to immitate the characters voices...haha

  2. ah! that first pic gets me festive too! LOVE all things pink!!

  3. I really can't decide which I love best, so many pretty finds!! but the first one is extra pretty and just makes me more excited about christmas than I am anyways, love the holidays!!

  4. Thanks for the linkage <333

    And yes, pizza toppings...very important!

  5. I love that party set up! I would love to attend such a whimsical party.

    Very cute list!

  6. I love all of these things. So magical!

  7. Nearly brought the entire Daria box set last ... You just reminded me why I need to go back & buy it!
    Kel xo

  8. Love the mean girls find! Also love that I had no idea you did a Thursday loves series....I do a Thursday likes! Haha, small world. :)


  9. Aah, I love the first picture and the octopus tattoo! Gorgeous.

  10. Oh man! What a fabulous selection of things to read - I love these posts of yours! This week I'm loving holiday snacks....mainly truffles :P yummers


  11. Oh Kaelah, thank you so much for mentioning me. My recipes have been a bit sparse recently but I will try to update more often. I love the embroidery and the wet cat looks funny! I hope Miss Enid is settling in ok. xo

  12. I love the pink Christmas decorations!!! I love decorating for Christmas, its always so much!

    Marja <3

  13. I'm a little obsessed with all the pink in this post. LOVE!

  14. That Octopus tattoo is stunning, the colors are just gorgeous. Daria! I love Daria, I have to say that the pizza toppings thing doesn't fit with my boyfriend and I, he doesn't like bacon or mushrooms and they are a pizza/LIFE must.


  15. The pink tree makes me SO HAPPY. I have a small one, but it's cheap and won't hold up so many pretty ornaments. I'll get a big one someday!

    Thanks for including my print in here :) I feel so special!

  16. I love love love these posts of yours, they never fail to put a smile on my face xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  17. I have those same shoes, but in tan! :)) I love the strawberry umbrella.

  18. Ahh! i'm wrapping all my presents in kraft paper this year. So many fun things you can do with it!

  19. gorgeous umbrella. so is your outfit.

    xo katrina

  20. How fun are these pictures! I love the pink Christmas tree!

  21. Um, hello, Daria ANNNNNND a Mean Girls reference? Yes!


    thought you'd love these :)


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