// A Spontaneous Date Day

Yesterday Mike and I were at home with Linden and I was piddling around the kitchen when he told me to get dressed and get in the car. What? It's not very often Mike is restless on a day off. Usually he prefers to hang out at home, sleep in, and maybe play a little too much Xbox. I was caught off guard by his comments, but I didn't miss a beat! Dressed and ready, we hopped in the car with the intention of paying a bill and exchanging some sheets at Target. Yeah, I know, super romantic! Mike kept driving though, and it while it took me a few minutes to realize it, we were long past Target. I asked where he was taking us and he said we were going to go out for lunch in downtown Franklin. My heart! A spontaneous date day in my favorite town! 

I miss living in downtown Franklin so much. Every time we're there I tell Mike I'm ready to move back. I love living in our little town, but my heart will always be in Franklin. It was a bit early for lunch when we got there so we totally did take advantage of exchanging Toby's sheets and picking up a few things for ourselves. Afterward we headed downtown and changed our lunch destination from Merridee's to Mellow Mushroom. Linden was stoked! That kid devoured his meatballs and broccoli! Mike and I split a pizza. Spicy buffalo chicken for him and Maui Wowie for me. YUM! After lunch we strolled around downtown, got some iced coffee, and just enjoyed a slow afternoon. We had to head back home shortly after though, so we could get Toby from school. It was just the little pick me up I needed to start the week off right!

Mike isn't spontaneous very often, but when he is, I love every minute of it.

xo KB

PS; My necklace was made by the insanely talented Natalie of Bright Star and Buffalo! I'll share more photos of it soon!


  1. We LOVE Mellow Mushroom in Franklin (we're friends with the bar manager). Franklin in general is amazing as you've said!

  2. Sounds like an amazing day! I love spontaneous actions that turn into wonderful memories :)

    Sweet Spontaneity

  3. Sounds like a fun day out - I love your outfit too - that hat is so fun!


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