// DIY "Rustic" Wedding Gift Basket

Gift baskets are my love language. Whether someone is moving into a new house, having a baby, celebrating a birthday or, in this case, getting married, I love to put together a little basket of treats. Gift baskets can make for the perfect wedding gift idea, or help get a bachelor/bachelorette party started. No matter if you're crafty or not, a gift basket is a way to add a personal, "handmade" touch to gifts, even if you buy them all ready-made at the store. Mike and I have a wedding coming up that we're attending and we thought we'd put together a little "rustic" inspired basket for the bride and groom. Their wedding is being held at a local barn, like ours, so I tried to think of things that made us happy when our wedding day rolled around (next month is our 3 year wedding anniversary, y'all!) 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't make almost everyone I know a hand painted sign for their home. It's just what I do. My signs were born from our wedding and they've been such a large part of our lives ever since. I wanted to do something fun and different for this one though, so I did it all in gold! I also added in some Goo Goo Clusters because that's some real Tennessee pride haha We gave those as part of our favor baskets (see! More baskets!) at our wedding, too and these sweet friends were in attendance. Mike gave all of his groomsmen cigars and small bottles of liquor, so we added in some Havana Honeys cigars for the groom. Mike may or may not have picked up another pack of them to enjoy himself. I just like to oogle the packaging personally! (To sign up for free coupons and to find a retailer near you, visit Havana Honeys website here.) Also tossed into our basket was a large mason jar travel cup (because what is more rustic than a mason jar?!) and a seasonally appropriate candle. I even added in a little plant because one bit of advice we heard when we got married was to "Wait to have babies until you can successfully keep a plant alive together." Uh, well, we didn't exactly follow that advice. All of my plants are basically dead. But my kids are alive, so there! Take it or leave it, right?
What about you? What's your "go to" gift for weddings that you attend? Or better yet, what's some advice you've been given about being married, but maybe disregarded? I bet y'all have some good things to share!

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  1. A sign is beautiful! What a fantastic idea. I'm going to have to remember this :)

    Midwest Darling

  2. I am in love with gift baskets as well!! I have 3 Rustic Weddings this year (Sept, Oct, & Nov) with enough burlap and lace (which I will alway love) to wrap around the world. The Sept wedding I did EVERYTHING Mason. I made a mason solar light, mason martini shaker along with mini mason moonshine, mason soap dispensers, mason hand towels and thru in a gift card, The basket was gorgeous and I feel like they are alot more personal!

  3. Love this post! I got a gardening gift basket for my bridal shower, but those plants died too thanks to my brown thumb ;-)

  4. Lovely post!! I love the way you share your thoughts about rustic favors. I must pick some gift items from your ideas. Thanks!!


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