// Things I Love Thursday v.299

these strawberry marble donuts (vegan friendly!) ♥

this pom pom friendsgiving get together ♥

this (+ all) pieces by rachel ignotofsky ♥

this embroidered art by victoria villasana ♥

♥ this DIY hanging plant rack ♥

♥ this ♥

this DIY pom pom market tote ♥

this retro inspired summer brunch (wrong season, but still!) ♥

♥ this! ♥
shopbop's kids gifts are my favorite EVERY year! ♥

// Cards Against Humanity Saves America! I am SO sad I missed out on this, but the website is hilarious! While we're talking about CAH and how awesome they are: They bought a piece of land at the Mexico border so Trump can't build his wall. 

// [Content warning] Harrowing images show refugees being left to drown at sea. Absolutely heartbreaking. And this happens every single day.

// ICYMI: I shared this year's Dream Tree Challenge yesterday! Lots of white and pops of color!

xo KB

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  1. This is such a cute photo roundup. Great Aesthetic xx



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